Oh Yeah, Stove Up Like An Old Dog Today

I’m not the least surprised either.

Since I’m almost sixty fucking years old, been fighting a bad back for forty, turning wrenches even longer than that and having survived fifty plus car and motorcycle wrecks, I should be grateful I can walk at all.

So everyone will have to forgive me if I ain’t up running around doing a bunch of shit today.

As the old saying goes, the mind is willing but the body is weak.

I do need to go put those tools away at some point but for now I am just going to sit here and do Fuck All until the Ibuprofen kicks in at the very least.

In the mean time I’ll try and quit whining so much.

Maybe I should try thinking positively, eh?



Because it ain’t going to get any better at this point.

7 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, Stove Up Like An Old Dog Today

  1. If anyone other than you decides to mention that you shouldn’t whine about the body pain, they can get screwed and blued by slick willie.

    Talk about your scars all you want, this is your blog, and the scars mean you have accomplished something with your life, that you didn’t just talk, you walked.

    That might appear as arrogant to some, but I have a quiet pride for my scars, and I don’t brag about them, and mostly don’t talk about them except with people I have Respect for, and you’re in that group.


  2. A bit off topic, but I visited family in Kansas City. Driving past St. Louis, I saw a sign out in a field that said RUSTOBERFEST.
    Sounded interesting.


  3. Yeah, I know how you feel. I’m looking forward (more or less) to my 86th BD, yet I had the abysmal stupidity to clean out and rearrange the crap in the garage. That was last Friday and it was Monday afternoon before I could go back out and plug in my power wheelchair.

    Aren’t humans supposed to get smarter as they get older? I tell myself that ‘If I don’t do it, no one else will.’ “No one Else” is a name that doesn’t come up on a web search and certainly not locally, so I sucker myself into doing it and pay the price.

    Maybe I’ll get smarter in the next 85 years.


  4. Photo looks a little like famous Moonshiner Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton.
    He was making or teaching about that stuff ’til the day he died.


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