You Knew It Was Coming

After a moment you may want to notice who this is from down in the bottom right corner…



The thing is, you know as well as I do that when they start deploying these things, and they will, they will also make damn sure that their political lackeys pass laws that will treat these machines just like they do the dogs.

Damage one trying to protect yourself and it will be just like you shot a police dog.

I absolutely guarantee it.

18 thoughts on “You Knew It Was Coming

  1. Fuck em.

    How are your tailoring skills, Phil? I need you to fab up a powered armour suit with chain guns on the shoulders and rocket launchers or flame throwers on the arms. Once I take out those two I will want to go after the donut terminators controlling them from the squad car.

    Or should we just take out the mutts at the top of that gangster operation as a warning to the rest? There are some tyrants getting awfully cheeky these days.

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  2. It’s hard to believe the Revolutionary War started in this fascist shithole.

    And taking Tactical Hermit’s thought one small step further, how soon before dinging or scratching a cop car is the same thing as assaulting an officer?


  3. Well boys & girls, you know somewhere soon there is going to be the spark that ignites the embers into the inferno and this place we refer to as a Constitutional Republic will, for all intents and porpoises, commence the burning.
    They can prosecute you for shooting one of LEO dogs, whether actual or of the artificial robotic types, but it’s perfectly fine for LEO to shoot your dog that is only protecting you & his castle from intrusion. You shoot theirs and you get jail time! They shoot theirs and get praised for protecting their safety….. OK phyne…. U want to play that way….. U been warned………. Game’s to begin : Date & Time to be announced at a future date…. soon!


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  5. Won’t come from Taxachusetts, but somewhere someone is working on tungsten sabot AP 12 gauge rounds (although velocity will still be an issue).

    I’m betting that once they actually get used a few times, a wealth of info will be developed on counter measures.


  6. I’ve never met a Masshole that I like. Then again no one likes Yankees around here for good reason.
    Donut Molesters are only in it for the pension without getting the uniform dirty so they will use foreigners or robos when Spicy Time goes live.
    Do not be afraid or sad…collapse and a new Dark Ages is the only way now.

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    • One of the many reasons I have been studying old technology and alternative power generation.
      If I ever had the time and facilities I would love to build a small wood gas generator.
      Lots of potential there, especially around here.


  7. Time to start looking for the control spec’s for those devices.
    You’ll be diving for your computer instead of physical force to shut it down when they come.


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