Apparently Not


Fuck that Black Friday bullshit.

Gift cards are the way to go.

Get in, get a handful, get out.

Christmas shopping done like a Boss.

Go get whatever the hell you want and leave me the fuck alone.

12 thoughts on “Apparently Not

  1. I’ve got you beat, I buy exactly one gift each year (for my boy) and I can usually get it on line. Everyone else can eat a bag of dicks as far as I’m concerned, I have grown tired of buying things for ungrateful fuckheads.



  2. Yeah, they can take Black Friday and shove it up their ass. I give the kids a card with some cash in it, wife gets what she wants, and I get a couple boxes of ammo, and a half gallon of bourbon.


  3. I haven’t shopped for shit yet, but I had the usual Thanksgiving clusterfuck
    yesterday! From food prep to dinner plate I spent the entire day working
    my ass off. It’s easier to do the bird and ham in the propane grill while the
    other shit is taking up every burner on the stove. Of course, the propane
    tank was empty and it was a Holiday so there was no place to fill it. Luckily,
    one was borrowed from a neighbor. It is my tradition to make plates for
    several fellow geezers in the neighborhood to get rid of as much food as
    possible. Start to finish took a good 12 hours and it started snowing in the
    morning, so those trips outside were a bitch!

    If anyone is interested, one of the courses was a copycat of the old El
    Pollo barbequed baked black beans. I went into mourning when they
    discontinued it. I have even substituted Bush baked beans for the
    canned black beans for a more traditional baked beans recipe. The
    Chipotle peppers in Adobo Sauce gives either version a nice kick.

    Let me know and I will post it.


  4. I tapped out a long time ago, well, I never participated. The rest of my family and extended family tapped out this year. This is not what this Holiday should be about.


  5. I keep telling my wifely unit AND my kids I want cash. They never listen.

    It’s tough taking all those “presents” back for the money, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

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  6. Buying a bunch of cheap plastic shit from China now for the landfill next year is so stale. Ca$h and gift cards are the best.
    The mongoloid stripmall unreality dystopia is the terrible awfulness. Locally it is now like some world bazaar or Calcutta during a dip in a shit filled river. The worst is when you get caught by a family member returning some gift for the ca$h.


  7. I hate gift cards. I’ve got a stack of them that expired 20 years ago because there wasn’t anything at those stores that I wanted or needed. Give cash. It’s universally accepted everywhere and never expires.


  8. Useful Christmas/Holiday Gifts nobody ever thinks about giving, but I do:
    – Smoke/CO Detectors (can never have too many)
    – Chimney/Fireplace Fire Extinguisher (if applicable)
    – No-battery ‘shake-to-charge’ flashllight
    – (your home/vehicle safety idea here)

    Shows you truly care about their LIFE! Sure beats a gift card or cash.


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