We Still Have Much To Be Thankful For

For one thing, we aren’t dealing with open warfare in the streets, along with all of the nasty side effects that always come with that.



Life in America is still plenty good enough to attract millions of people from other countries, as we are all quite well aware of.


There is work if you want it.


Still food available.


And the lights are still on.


Things could be much, much worse.

Damaged buildings are seen at Yarmouk Palestinian camp in Damascus

No one knows what the future holds.

Be thankful for what we still do have. Hug your family tight, even that despicable Left wing relative you can’t stand to be around.

It messes with their head.


I would like to thank everyone who swings by here, who links to me and those who send me traffic.

I personally, have a great deal to be thankful for.

A most excellent Happy Thanksgiving to you all.




14 thoughts on “We Still Have Much To Be Thankful For

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to All
    I’m Having a Free Turkey Tartare Buffet for all Liberals if interested, I can’t say for my liberal friends because I don’t have any.


  2. May we all give Thanks for God’s blessings in this, the most blessed Nation in all of Human history!

    As you pointed out, Phil, things have not come to blows with those who would enslave us – we need to be eternally vigilant (we haven’t been) for Satan’s minions (another term for Democrat leadership!) and what they plan for us should we acquiesce to their demands. Republicans have become almost as venal and corrupt as their “counterparts”, we need to clean house! Go, DJT, go!

    Other than that, gobble gobble gobble! 🙂

    (Bloody Christmas music has already started… AAAAAAAAAARGH!)


  3. Open warfare in the streets is what is happening in Hong Kong. I was flattered
    that the people of Hong Kong were singing God Bless American waving American
    flags. The latest news floored me! I have two versions of Les Miserables; The
    classic 1935 version with Fredrick March, and the 1952 version with Michael
    Rennie. No red-blooded American male would see the musical stage play
    without someone putting a gun to his head or being nagged by a female.

    The new theme song of the Hong Kong rebels is the resistance song from the
    play. President Trump just signed a bill condemning China for suppressing the
    pro-democracy rebels, and they reacted by praising Trump and celebrating
    his actions along with Thanksgiving today!


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