13 thoughts on “Geeze, Lighten Up Francis

  1. Thank heavens that retailer has guards on the doors to keep their employees from getting a better job in this booming economy with record unemployment…oh, wait, they don’t have any guards.

    STFU, whiny bitchboi. You’re not a victim, you’re a volunteer.
    If you spent as much time looking for a better gig as you did lettering your cardboard sign, you’d be working for more money now somewhere nicer.


    • if the employees didn’t love their jobs and boss, they can go elsewhere and work. that’s what we do here in Marika. and that ain’t cardboard, that there is a high technology packaging product called corrugated paper make by fine workers using very large and hot dangerous machinery getting paid a lot of money to do it. which is what this clown should be doing instead of whining his way thru life without friends.

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  2. The real irony is that the Left hates Thanksgiving. This is just another opportunity to attack traditional America. They will use a family gathering as their own personal stage to tell you what a Nazi you are.


  3. Chumps like this all have one thing in common, they haven’t a clue about how the economy works. They actually think the government has money because that’s where their food stamps and welfare payments come from. They don’t understand that it’s the billionaires, the millionaires, the mom and pop entrepreneurs and every business person in between who are the ones who actually create employment for chumps like this, not the government. Selling that “cheap Chinese crap” puts a roof over the head and food on the table for a lot of people. The concept of taxation goes right over their heads too. They don’t grasp the fact that from these “cheap Chinese crap” imports, the government skims off the tax cash that pays for this chump’s food stamps and welfare cheque.


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