Dang the time is just flying again and Thanksgiving is this week already.

I just realized that means I only have to work today and tomorrow and then will (hopefully) be off until next Monday.

The Wifely Unit wants to make the Full Deal Thanksgiving dinner here on Wednesday and then take leftovers over to her folks on Thursday because they don’t want a big scene going on and they don’t want all of the fuss and muss.

So I took Wednesday off, Thursday and Friday are paid holidays for me and I can take it easy for  couple of days.

Very cool.

My back that went out Saturday got knocked back into place yesterday by yours truly and is much better already. I have been dealing with that shit for forty years.

I laid around and got relaxed, sat up in the recliner, grabbed the right side arm of the chair on the outside with my left hand and pulled while simultaneously pushing against it with my right hand, twisting my upper body.


One of the vertebrae’s just above where it is supposedly fused together was out and that knocked it back in.

Oh what a relief.

It took a while but the spazzing finally let up and I actually felt good enough to go out in the garage for an hour or so.

I’ll be taking it as easy as possible at work today just to make sure I don’t do anything to knock it back out. It’s the damn seat in the Wife’s POS Ford Focus that fucked me up. Have I mentioned that I hate driving it?

Yeah, I have.

This is but one reason why but its the biggest one.

Miserable little Econobox anyway. A typical little front wheel drive abomination.

Speaking of pain and misery, one of my readers blew his shoulder out trying to start a leaf blower.

Please keep Bob in your prayers, they told him it is FUBAR and will probably have to be replaced. This along with a screw that has come loose from a previous spinal fusion.

Sounds like a nightmare.

I’m heading out here in a few.

Stay safe.


7 thoughts on “Sweet!

  1. I believe that yankin’ on gas-powered mowers is a significant cause of heart attacks. Thus all the wives saying.. ‘honey the lawn needs mowing again.’ She’s not going to trick me, I have an electric mower. Just push a button.

    The other day I was watching a professional yard service next door. He got the mower all ready then reached over for a cordless drill, stuck it on top the mower and zip it was started! Must’ve had a bolt head or something to grab, but it was the slickest thing I’d seen.


  2. I feel for Bob. Having blown out my right shoulder in the past, I understand the pain.

    Pro-tip Bob, the secret is to get ahead of the pain. That means, go get some physio done. They will correct the problem and save you from extra weeks of agony when the shoulder is so bad you no longer can use that arm. As a bonus, they will also show you some exercises to prevent you from blowing out your shoulders again.


  3. So, Bob has a screw loose, who knew? But seriously Bob, get better and take it easy! Us old guys have the scars, aches and groans to show for our battles.


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