Bloomberg Enters Presidential Race, Is Gonna Get Schooled

I hope a few things happen to that guy that I can actually put in writing and not have to worry about getting SWATTED over.

I hope he spends a Billion dollars of his own money trying and loses big.

I hope he splits the Democratic party into a party box full of splintered interests.

I hope some Muckrakers dig up some especially nasty shit on the guy.

I hope he gets smeared and permanently damaged politically by the other Democrats.

I hope he gets nasty with Trump so Trump can bury his ass.

I hope that he gets trashed so badly that his very name equates toxicity.

I hope the people of New York WAKE THE FUCK UP and throw his ass to the curb either way.

I hope that I live long enough to piss on his grave.

I hope I still have some left after I get done with Dick Cheney’s.

12 thoughts on “Bloomberg Enters Presidential Race, Is Gonna Get Schooled

  1. The clown car candidates and the Demo☭rat party are going to eat Doomberg
    alive and spit him out. Even before he officially announced, he was attacked
    as a racist for maintaining Guiliani’s stop and frisk policy. The Demo☭rat
    party is mostly a coalition of often competing victim classes. If they lost the
    black vote alone, there would never be another Demo☭rat in the White House.

    The guy is doomed to be an also-ran along with Sparticus, (Booker) Chlamydia,
    (Harris) Yang, Buttplug, and before the primary, Princess Gray Beaver. Seeing
    the implosion of the Demo☭rat party is going to be fun to watch!

    Warren is third behind Slow-Joe Biden and the fossilized socialist Sanders.
    Even if one of the three wins the nomination, Trump will wipe the floor the
    eventual nominee. Doomberg would have steer hard aport in this climate
    to secure the nomination. If he does that, there is no taking it back to pull a
    Clinton triangulation strategy and run as a moderate. The 2020 presidential
    election has already been won. Trump will win because he and his people
    are Internet savvy and their own words will be used against the nominee!


  2. Word is that he’s going to have his news organization (read that as just another Demonrat propaganda machine) investigate Trump. Ya know, like the Demonrats haven’t investigated the crap out of Trump for the last three years and found bupkis.


    • Doomberg claims that he is shutting down the political end of his
      publication and will use the political staff on his campaign. There
      is another aspect of his presidential run. He has announced that
      his campaign will be self-funded which will lock him out of all the
      remaining debates. Campaign and the kept whores in the leftist
      media will be all he has. He already has a major problem in that
      the other candidates denouncing him as a racist for his support
      of stop and frisk. Without the back vote, he cannot win.


  3. Spending billions to poll at zero will be good for the lul’z and the Clown World Order is too high on its own farts to realize how feckless they are.
    Kommissar Bloomberg could redistribute that wealth to the poor downtrodden comrades of the collective but limousine liberals don’t roll that way.


    • Thumbs up!
      Scumbag is a pedo-elite of the first order.
      Pizzagate is what brings them all down.
      They are all connected and Pizzagate connects them all.

      Real hard to rule over us Deplorable’s when we all know your a child sex slave raper and trafficker.
      Don’t matter how much money you have.


  4. Trump needs to go down. He’s a ped too. If anyone ran a business they wouldn’t hire a dude like trump and nobody wants a trump on their team. Gotta demand better.


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