12 thoughts on “And Yet We Still Managed To Conquer The Entire World And Build Modern Civilization…

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      Real Men.

      Further out on that score, I think were their problem, their “leadership” class, has to do with the fact there are those of us who have no trouble if needs be dying, if in doing so, making them die for their beliefs. Add to that we are of such a breed it is much better to not die for our beliefs while being exceedingly good at killing our enemy.
      Slave classes don’t do any of that.
      The differences are easy to see once you hold the Freeman’s treasure of a rifle in your hands.

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  1. I think I got it almost figured out. Why are these idiots so intent, possessed with both meddling in our every business, every facet of the sphere of our lives, to the state of tyrannical control of even our thoughts, our very future potential. It is about power, the power to rule, without the direct responsibility of prudence, the total absence of being accountable for the consequences you create by not using prudence. It is ultimate power, only the scale is smaller, like your own little private space of banana republic like dictatorship, no different than say a Hillary Clinton in the oval office.
    I guess it has to be virtue signaled, the examples set from some high place in the hiearchy of weaponized politiks. All the more cause to be grateful orangemanbad was chosen by the sane string enduring part of this civilization.

    There is vast wonder why so many are out of their fucking minds…it is more important to these throngs everything in their lives orbits around the victim stance…it is a very powerful one…it is intoxicating…a highly euphoric drug for the mind…it brings out the meddling and interfering in everyones affairs smug emotion of the perception of great yet petty power over others…the human self extinction movement multiply on a logarithmic scale almost daily now…evidence there will be a mass extinction event….it is inevitable…nothing so weak is meant to last…it is natural selection at work…in the long run this brings about a robust anti-fragile family/tribe – virtue/honor results/merit tradition patriarchal orientated civilization…the arc of events comes back full circle to the return of the time and culture held dearly by freemen of the colonial civilization.
    It is on about a 250-300 year arc. Be really awesome if we are at the end of the arc, and have the profound opportunity to get many more things right on the beginning of this new circle course of history.
    Think about it, our Colonial age decedents made a pretty darn big leap in their time. There is no reason why in our age with everything we know as a pretty good set of cautionary hindsight the information hi-way has gifted us, we get a whole bunch of stuff right. Because eventually we end up changing that last half of arc that has infested our Western civilization since the Greco/Roman Christian period of the first arc.
    Besides, we got something in spades no others in this arc had before…Guns, lots of guns. Guns in our hands is the great determinator, even if we never use our guns in anger against these mortal foes, the fact they exist, in such incredible numbers and are of the pinnacle of the art and state of present technology and ballistics of the infantry combat weapon, our guns have changed the grand dialectic completely and in our favor.
    We who have guns understand this in our bones even if we can not articulate the truth explicitly, we know how to aim well and pull the fucking trigger.


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  2. Pretty good piece by William S. Lind, ( https://www.traditionalright.com ), that another excellent philosopher/scientist of open source grass roots 4th generation warfare. Martin van Creveld posted on his blog. I think these guys are essential reading. They have, along with Col. Boydd and his OODA loop a pretty good understanding of whats possibly coming, and reliably predictive so far.


    Lind wrote a great cautionary tale, some of it is fucking hilarious, about total 4th G war with the SJW’s. NH & Maine secede from the deep state at a future date. Not too future, as the story proves out in actual current events. The basic elements are so like real events it is uncanny. Some is definitely tongue in cheek. But thats half the fun. The first 3/4’s is free on his blog, https://www.traditionalright.com/victoria/

    There’s a great scene in which freemen outfitted as Roman Legionaries armed with Gladuis’ do what really really needs doing up close and personal.


  3. Man’s first major accomplishment was to conquer nature. We were no match
    for lions, tigers, and bears. We had to fashion weapons and learn how to hunt,
    forage for food, grow crops, build our own shelters and make our own clothes.
    If you did not grow up tough, you died. As kids, my generation was skinning
    their knees on skateboards, falling off of jungle gyms and out of trees. We
    drank water out of garden hoses and washed our faces with the same bar
    of soap our fathers scrubbed their assholes with and yet we turned out fine.

    The problem with the soy boy generation is that their lives have been too
    sheltered. My WWII baby mother learned how to cook, bake, grind her own
    wheat and make bread from scratch at the knee of her mother. Imagine a
    SHTF scenario like a large meteor impact or major natural disaster. How
    long do you think these pampered pussies will last without grocery stores
    or Starbucks?

    The urbanite millennials won’t last more than a month or two, but here is a
    depressing thought, the turd-world peasants will survive in great numbers
    because they are closer to nature. Juan the illiterate subsistence farmer
    and Chang, the Chinese fisherman may be the inheritors of the world in
    a post-apocalyptic future.


    • Mr Leonard, a country boy will survive. We may be a little cold, and a little hungry but, we will learn very fast skills lost as our fore-bearers learned them. Most of us here have some basic wood craft to steer towards a better self sustenance of our families and partners.


  4. Despite my chaotic and reckless lack of preparation… I’ve yet to ask my far more “prepared” female friends for ANYTHING they carry in their purses.

    It’s almost as if virtually nothing beyond my wallet and keys are needed on a daily basis.

    On the flip side, they get all bulge-eyed at all the tools I cart to their places when they need something repaired. “I thought all I needed was a screwdriver!” when it takes a drill, a couple bits, wall anchors…

    We know how to prepare for things, including the unknown, but we’re also cognizant of the odds and don’t bring a pile of shit we’ve never needed. Yet… many of us pack a pistol “just in case.”

    Being wrong about an extra layer means you’re a bit chilly for a few hours. Being wrong about that gun… chilly for eternity.


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