13 thoughts on “Yeah, Good Luck With That.

  1. These ppl never cease to amaze me…
    We‘ve got many of these in Germany and some in Austria as well.
    The German gov‘t now enforces the policy that one who doesn’t acknowledge the legal entity of the German Democratic Rep.. err.. the Federal Republic he cannot posses a gun permit since he’s not trustworthy. It’s just a matter of time until they’re going to lose their drivers licenses as well…


  2. It is called an allodial title and it is the real title to property. Most home owners do not have it because they did not pay cash for their house, likewise with their car.

    Further ask a car dealer for the allodial title and watch them all scamper around and tell you gosh golly we never heard of such a thing. Tell them you ain’t getting a sale without one, and that you are calling your attorney and the nearest news outlet and see how fast they spit one out.

    The problem is cops never heard of it. So good luck with that as you are harassed every ten minutes. In today’s environment if you are a concealed carrier, becoming a target of constant police attention will not end well with you.

    People sign over their rights and agree to forfeit taxes by acquiring the ‘bogus’ bank title to their property. This is the lie of ‘ownership’ in today’s America.

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      • You are welcome.

        When I grew up, it was Sgt Rock comics and American history that spoke to me of American greatness. What other country would risk a hundred soldiers to save one of their own? None, I think.

        Because of the nobleness of our greatest generation and because of the justness of the causes we championed we all believed our government was made up of folks just like them. People of courage and faith, of dignity and grace. People you could trust to do the right thing for the American people.

        But sadly that is just no longer true. America has become a land where its own government is corrupt beyond redemption, its institutions of education nothing more than indoctrination camps, its entertainment industry an unfathomable cesspool of filth and degradation and its media has become inundated with either political shills for the corrupt democrat party, or else nothing more than corporate vultures sucking the puss out of the pimples off the ass-end of humanity.

        Theft of American property by a government which no longer serves us, under the guise of ‘paying our fair share’ is just one more grievance in a long list of oppressive grievances the American people have become used to enduring.

        We are no longer a nation whose government is accountable to its people but rather a nation whose people are accountable to its government.

        Trump may well be the light before the darkness, but either way night is falling, you patriots out there better keep your candles handy.


    • The difficulty with allodial title is that most states or what-ever will circumvent the rules. As an example, in Idaho, if one pays cash for a home and requests allodial title, the state will dictate that the homeowner must provide, up front, the same amount of taxes that would be collected over time, and this has been through the courts some years ago, so in the long view, the state will probably get their “cut” anyway.




      • The fact that the government is putting up roadblocks to ‘real’ property ownership, is exactly my point.

        This ‘bank’ title v.s. true ‘alloidal’ title was cooked up by the banks and handed to us on a turd platter by our own government in order to give them ultimate control over personal land ownership.

        It makes those without an alloidal title nothing more than lessees on their own land.

        We need to go back to true property ownership and to an across the board consumer tax, instead of a property tax that can be held over our head to keep us compliant. Hell, I just read about a guy who lost his home over eight dollars he owned in back taxes…eight! They could do that because he did not have the alloidal title to his home.

        Across the board consumer tax is the only fair answer, else we are only slaves and the government is making money off the sweat of our brows, and everything we pretend to own is actually on loan to us by our government for a yearly rental fee.


        • That was in Michigan, I read about it. If I had been working in the city office, I would have paid the 8 dollars for him.

          A 10 % flat tax would be an adequate rate, I think.


  3. This is the “sovereign citizen” mindset. And they are MORE correct than not. However the power structure simply DOES NOT CARE about the laws giving citizens such freedom. Those laws interfere with power and profits of those in charge so they simply ignore any laws limiting their misconduct. When you OWN both the judges and the badges and guns you can do whatever you want with impunity.


  4. So this is a law ignored by most legislative and executive powers. They don’t care for it since most of those out on the beat didn’t ever learn about it.
    So you really want to teach the cops one by one that they’re wrong and you’re right…?
    As the title says: good luck.


  5. Earlier this year i bought a mini-bike. It’s “street legal” although 90% of its usage will not be on the street (camp bike, pit bike, etc.). Paid cash. The dealership would not complete the transaction until i showed proof of insurance and paid license and registration fees. I started arguing the point and was heading to full blown outrage but my wife was there and cut me off in time. Ridiculous but there you have it. Could not complete a cash transaction without state and local getting their piece up front.


  6. Phil wrote: “first Donut Eater that see this, tow truck will be on it’s way before he gets out”

    No. SWAT Team. Then, Coroner.

    “Sure would be a shame if that Minivan was packed with high-explosives, eh?”


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