Shit Getting Real Down In Chile

Kinda reminds me of The Ukraine a few years ago.

And what could be coming here soon.

Nice touch with the lasers IMO.


9 thoughts on “Shit Getting Real Down In Chile

  1. See your future, be your future. Coming to major US cities in the not too distant future. Rational people will NOT be residents of these cities as LEO will NOT be able to keep anyone safe.

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  2. Lasers like that were popular in the protests in Egypt a few years back as well.

    Many of those green and blue lasers are over 1 watt in power and can permanently blind somebody or burn out the sensor in a camera. Good for aiming at the water cannon operators or opposing helicopter drivers…

    Good to stock up on before the fun starts.


  3. I once found a 40-watt LASER for sale at a computer and electronics swap
    meet. I asked a buddy how powerful that would be. He asked me if I ever
    grabbed a 40-watt soldering by the wrong end. I said yes. There you go
    was his answer.

    Maybe the Hong Kong protesters should step up their game!


    • Built a 5Kw pulse laser using an artificial ruby rod back in ’68 – Dad got pissed at all the craters in the basement cement walls and destroyed the crystal, but while it lasted it was good clean fun as a kid. Power supply was about 200 lbs with the linear power supply and the capacitor bank(s). Nowadays I could make it a backpack thing. Ain’t technology wunnerful?

      It would be deadly in a riot…


      • Did the same thing in the early 80s with a Q-switched CO2…burnt a small hole in the garage door and melted that fucker down (the laser, not the garage door)…they didn’t stress how important a cooling jacket was.


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