+1 For The Foz


She/They have no fucking clue how badly this could go for them.

Allow me to give Her/Them one for free.

You wanna play childish games on this level you better be prepared to see how real assholes operate CupCake. Otherwise we’ll be seeing your shocked face on a regular basis.

13 thoughts on “+1 For The Foz

  1. Like me and my brother used to tell my four sisters while growing up, We don’t care which hole we pee through… Mom laughed herself silly. The seat got raised by them.


  2. If a biological male bleeds from his ass, he is gay. If he bleeds from his dick, it
    is time to see an Oncologist before his junk rots off! Did I say something that
    was insensitive or medically incorrect? This reminds me of the late Sam Kinison
    who took heat from the bone smokers after doing a bit about AIDS. The sissy
    boys called his jokes “medically incorrect.”

    His response was golden and a tad to vulgar to post here!

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      • OK, you asked for it!

        His response was that when he was going to medical school to
        learn how to tell fucking jokes, he promised that would never
        tell a “medically incorrect one.”

        He went on to say that there were basically two ways to get AIDS;
        take a large load of infected sperm up your ass or share a drug
        needle with a guy who sucks dicks for drug money. I do not
        remember how it ended, but it was something along the lines
        of face it, that is something you have to make an appointment for!

        He sort of single-handedly blew up the myth of heterosexual
        transmission not to mention the predicted epidemic. I still
        recall the bullshit that “anyone could get AIDS.”

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  3. This Great Leap Forward third rate wannabe Weimar Republic corn studded SJW turd society is getting more enjoyable by the day.
    Rub a snowflake’s face in the steaming pile of utopia FAIL every chance you get.


  4. “any gender can get their period” tells me ALL I need to know about that particular nutjob slag. Reality does not abide in her…. Oops, my bad, “him”?…. “Shim”?…. Oh fuck it, IT. IT bled all over the shitter. Better?


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