A Giant Inflatable Turd In Downtown Portland? How Fitting!

Some fucking people, I swear.


Giant inflatable poo emoji draws dozens to Pioneer Square this weekend

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A giant brown inflatable poo emoji attracted dozens of people to Pioneer Square this weekend.

Folks were happy to take photos in front of it, while others braved to go inside.

“We brought the ‘Giant Poo’ for everyone to go through. It’s about a three-minute, 360-degree IMAX experience,” said a worker.

The company Poo-Pourri set it up downtown. It actually has an important purpose: it’s in support of World Toilet Day, which is meant to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis.

And for everyone who visits, Poo-Pourri will donate $2 to the cause.

If you want to check it out, be prepared for long lines. The inflatable will be at Pioneer Square until Tuesday from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.

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Make it permanent and turn it into the Mayors office.

He should feel right at home.

14 thoughts on “A Giant Inflatable Turd In Downtown Portland? How Fitting!

  1. So Phil, are you going down there to play on it? At Pioneer Square, you can see every style and type of human refuse there is. God is gonna smite Portland at Pioneer Square just like Sodom I swear! You can have fun jumping on the top Phil…


  2. wait till the californian greenies find out about all the poo-lution being washed into the waterways by the sidewalk cleaners in the coastal cities with large homeless poo-pulations.


  3. “We brought the ‘Giant Poo’ for everyone to go through. It’s about a three-minute, 360-degree IMAX experience,” What the fuck could you POSSIBLY see inside a giant turd besides corn kernels? Maybe some ribbon off a present (had a cat who used to eat the ribbon and cleaning out his box was entertaining with “poo-presents”…) telling ya, pardon the pun but shit’s gettin’ weirder all the time…


  4. I am finding it exceptionally ironic that they are gonna raise money from west coast lefties to bring toilet facilities to 3rd world country.


  5. Phil, you’re a better man than me. We refuse to cross the Willamette river into downtown Portland. Some federal gummit agency claims a plate shift 50 miles out in the ocean could turn the east side of the Willamette river into beach front property. Asking the Good Lord to limit his chastisement to just downtown Portland might be asking too much.


    • This is one of the reasons I left Portland to go back to Spokane over 20 years ago, Judge. Couldn’t stand the weirdos, gays, and Libtards.


      • I use to live in Spokane, I still have an old girl friend there… I use to live off of Trent going out into the Valley. If Eastern Wash ever split from commie west and made a law saying no left libs I would move back in a second.


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