7 thoughts on “Who Could Possibly Have Seen This Coming?

    • OHSA – Don’t that stand for “Oh Shit – Happened Again.” Just askin, cause from my sperience, anybody with an IQ above water wouldn’t do the stupid shit they ban or outlaw in the first place. They just make life more difficult…….


  1. I witnessed something like this. Two mill mechanics were removing a pump
    in the pulper basement, There was an open hatch with railings around it
    and an above-ground electric hoist on an I-beam rail. The dipshit mill-
    geezer was topside on a forklift with a pallet on the forks. Instead of
    pulling the load away from the hatch on the I-beam, he lifted the pump
    high enough to drive the forks over the hatch and lowered the pump onto
    the pallet and disconnect the hook.

    This alone was dangerous enough because the pump could roll off the
    pallette and down the hatch. No, the dumb-fuck idiot lowered the forks
    enough to put the pallet edge over and below the top of the railing. Then,
    he back out without raising the load. Pallet edge hits the railing as he
    backs out and (you can imagine the rest.) The Hermano in the basement
    was safely away and already heading up the stairs, but he still had a
    load of Mierda in his pants.

    It was not the first time the geezer came close to killing someone, but
    with 45 years at the mill, he decided to “retire” on the spot.

    The way I would have dealt with the job in this video would be to drill 4
    5/8″ through holes, add bolts, nuts, washers, shackles, and female screw
    eyes. It should have been secured with snugged-up lifting straps and forklift
    or crane. This is the kind of stupidity that gets people killed!


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