18 thoughts on “This Cracked Me Up!

  1. I can say I agree with Notwende, it would be horror to know what flows among the nerve bundles in your head especially you liking head banger music… OT, Had the ankle surgery today, I have a nice davit in my left outer ankle and a damn vacuum pump I have to wear as a man purse and the nurses were giving me hell about it. I am scheduled for skin graft just before Christmas. I will have a huge chunk of my ass in my ankle… oh good when I want to scratch my ass I will have to bend down and do my ankle….

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  2. At 17, I had a full-time job working as graveyard cook in a restaurant. I was a
    big guy who looked a lot older and had no problem buying beer. My mother
    and sisters went to spend a week with my aunt about 60 miles away. It
    was every boy’s dream, home alone, the ability to buy beer, and a lot of
    time on my hands!

    The first major purchase was a stereo system with a receiver, turntable, and
    2 fucking ginormous 15″ 3-way speakers. The youngest sister had three
    Barbie Dolls and three Ken Dolls. All of them ended up stripped naked
    and posed in various sexual positions atop my speakers. My buddies and
    I drank so much beer, the floors were carpeted in empty Budweiser cans.
    It took me a lot of time time to clean up the mess before they returned!


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