It Kinda Snuck Up On Me!

Holy cow, I figured it was going to be about Christmas time but it’s here before Thanksgiving!

As I double checked to make sure the last post showed up on the home page right, I happened to glance over at my Stat Counter and see this,

big day

She’s fixin’ to roll over boys.

Either sometime as I’m sleeping or tomorrow afternoon, someone is going to have the Three Millionth Page View on this blog.

That boggles my feeble little mind.

There are way too many people to thank individually for regularly stopping by here and for having me on their blog roll so I am only going to thank the one person that really matters.


Thank YOU, for giving me a reason to keep doing this.

I have actually been blogging since March of 2006.

Going on 14 years now. That’s a long time to be doing anything steady but in the blogging world it puts you in with rare company.

It’s hard for me to believe myself.


14 thoughts on “It Kinda Snuck Up On Me!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Keep up the GREAT blogging. Outstanding stuff. And really like 1.) auto mechanics stuff, 2.) your comments on the government and life in general (there are a lot of assholes out there), 3.) your machine shop info and tips.

    I am a daily and sometimes multi-daily reader.

    THANKS Buddy!

    Also, in the future wouldn’t mind seeing a few babes like the Friday and Saturday night features over at Irons In The Fire, but your site is still great as it is. Maybe you could have a Wednesday “over the hump” babe?


  2. Appreciate you too Phil! The day ain’t full until a visit for a bit of crusty no bullshit wisdom and a ration of laughs.

    Btavo! Here’s to 3 million more.


  3. You can blame me, Phil. I close stories by mistake, and then have to re-open them. Multiple times. I probably skewed the results šŸ˜‰ …


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