I Am Way Too Old For RONALDO

Muh damn Prostate put an end to that years ago.

It’s more like Giroud for me anymore.

pissing contest

That RONALDHINO would be quite the trick.




19 thoughts on “I Am Way Too Old For RONALDO

        • Damn those are nasty! I would rather give birth through my wee wee as a male then those. I used to be a nurse and Holladay Park Hospital in Portland had a Lipthotriper (SP) which pulverized kidney stones and it would shake the whole building. You knew when they were using the machine. People in it would be out cuz of the pain. My brother and a niece use to get them.


          • Had my share of them. I’d rather sHrillary or some other sleazebucket had them, but no such luck. The first five were bad, after that it was, “Oh, another one!” and I’d pass it. Eventually. I think the Urethra got inured to it. Still have a monster 11mm in my left kidney, a 5mm in the right, and unless they decide to break free and I *do* need Lithotripsy, I’m on cranberry extract to (hopefully) dissolve them.


    • I’ve had Prostate problems since before I was twenty years old.
      Got a dose of the clap from Roxanne and waited a little too long to get it taken care of.
      Wound up with scar tissue in my bladder and a permanently fucked up Prostate. The fucker is always inflamed and nothing ever seems to take care of it. The wages of sin and ll that good stuff.. There is more to this story and some of it is kinda hilarious now but I’ll just keep it to myself for now.
      TMI if y know what I mean.


      • I didn’t even have any symptoms. Since I was 52, I figured ot was time to get some tests and things done, and the first PSA test was OH FUCK! And two weeks later, my PSA level was OH DAMN FUCK!. And then the biopsy was such a wonderous event, but every core, and there were about ten, were totally cancerous. My Urologist was a genius with the DaVinci robot surgery, and th recovery was quick. I still had to succumb to radiation treatments 5 days a week for two months. An hour drive one way. But now I’m good. PSA ~ < 0.01 for four years now.
        Something else will have to kill me.


      • When the ex wife and me lived in the rural area of Alabama, we had 3 bedroom, 1 bath house and when the In Laws would visit the bathroom got crowded fast. One day my Father in law came out to the back porch and was in distress, my wife was taking a shower and he had to go bad, I told him to piss off the porch like I do. Now, my dad in law was proper Southern Baptist minister and the thought made him cringe…but, the pressure got to much and he whipped it out and you can see the pleasure of an emptying bladder on his face…..


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