Projects, I Haz ‘Em

Too many of them actually.

Way, WAY too many.

There never seems to be enough time and I gotta do something about the lack of work space.

That being said, I saw this Youtube video about a month or so back and was amazed at what this gentleman could do with and what he came up with for, his little Mini Lathe.

So impressed I was, that I immediately ordered  bunch of goodies to see if I could make the same set up.

The final pieces finally came in yesterday, he didn’t even use a collet chuck to do this machining but I had ordered one anyway from watching a different video. The collets have been here for two weeks, the collet chuck showed up yesterday and off to the Metal Supermarket I went. Fate and dumb luck hit right at the perfect moment as I was waiting for them to cut the pieces for my order, they have a little room with cut offs, mostly huge chunks of aluminum but I spied about ten inches of 5/8′ Stainless Steel square stock and joked to the guy at the counter that for some reason I just couldn’t see myself being able to live without it, even though I didn’t know why. It turns out that was actually a critical piece that I needed after all even though I didn’t know it at the time.

It is what supports the cross slide table in this video!

I still have to get a couple of pieces for the support brackets but I should  be able to get it done after  family gathering I have to go to this afternoon.

This video is only ten minutes long but I think you will also be surprised at what this feller accomplished. The thumbwheel adjustable tapered gibs for the cross slide on the mini lathe is pure genius to begin with  but how he figured out the set up to machine them is equally brilliant. That is what I am trying to duplicate.




3 thoughts on “Projects, I Haz ‘Em

  1. It’s a cool little project, but I thought you had a mini mill? More than half of that is showing how he did milling operations on his lathe. Gotta love getting his steel from a discarded pulley.

    There’s one place where he shows a bottle of something with purple on the label, 6:20 on the time. I have no idea what that is.


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