Who’s The Asshole That Ordered The Tool Chest From Amazon?

Ya might want to tip a little on the heavy side if you ever want to see another package again.

next day

7 thoughts on “Who’s The Asshole That Ordered The Tool Chest From Amazon?

  1. I know what that dude is lugging. A DC powered freezer/fridge, runs off 1, 100-150 watt 12 or 24 VDC solar panel. They use 4 inches of blown in isocyanate foam insulation, and a low pressure dc motor, it’s a bit short of a 1/4 ton compressor.
    A little pricey at 1200 for 9 cubic feet of freezer space, but, running refrigeration is a serious power hog if your off grid. These only draw 30-50 watts once the compressor gets turning. You use if possible a car or deep cycle battery for the starting surge amp spike, but they will still work without it.
    Really well made, all American, they have larger units too. We been saving our pennies for one. They have another interesting feature, in that you can select between using it as a freezer or refrigerator. A little unorthodox, but when your needing to make every watt of power you generate count, it’s actually a very practical refrigerator, unlike a vertical unit, you don’t have a ton of cold air dropping out when your staring at what to chomp on for a midnite snack.

    Refrigeration is like a hot running shower, one of those great irreplaceable technical blessings of a civilized world.


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