Trust Me, It’s On My List

If I ever run into one, at a reasonable price, I’ll snag it so fast someones head will be spinning. Same same with a decent Anvil.


10 thoughts on “Trust Me, It’s On My List

  1. I’ll BOLO for either one of these for ya, Phil – If I find one and the price ain’t too steep, I’ll grab it and contact ya. No extra charge.


  2. My neighbor across the street was my buddy starting when I was 6 and he was in his 70’s. He had one exactly like this and I do miss him.

    My neighbor across the road, Mr. Bowen, was in his seventies when he found me crying at his fence behind his house after the older boys had left me in their dust, and he became my best friend until he died. I don’t remember how old I was, but probably about six. I loved going to visit him, where he would always give me my choice of a piece of candy, and then regale me with stories of the Confederacy, as he spit into his spittoon. He would tie chickens on his clothes line by their legs, and then go down the row slitting their necks with his handy Barlow knife, as he chawed’ on a plug of Brown Mule, which was my Christmas present to him each year. One year my mother asked if I didn’t want to get him something different, and I was dumbfounded, as I told her, but that’s what he likes! Every time my mother would bake loaves of bread, I would take one to him steaming hot. There isn’t much better than this smothered in butter. He taught me how to make my first slingshot among many, many other things. I really miss him.

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  3. It’s not that much a real anvil, but Horrible Freight has one that’s 55 lbs and works for small and medium stuff, and a smaller one that’s – I think – about half that size. I got a 55 lb one a while back when they put it on sale for $49 and I had a 20% coupon and while it’s not quite big enough, and the horn on it is too blunt and short to be as good as it should be, it works OK. I’m still on the lookout for a REAL anvil, but it’s going to have to be a LOT cheaper than a new one.


  4. My grandfather had several wheels laying about.
    No frame though.
    I did inherit his real, full sized anvil though.
    It’s a beauty.


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