The Democrats Shall Be Richly Rewarded For Their Impeachment Efforts

With the lingering stench of burnt hide and singed hair.


If I hadn’t already walked away from the treasonous scumbags years ago, this bullshit would have pushed me over the edge for sure.

I am certainly hoping that some of the slower learners finally get a fucking clue here.

These Rat Fuckers have zero interest in doing what they were elected to do, namely take care of The People’s Business and have instead lost their minds in their hatred of all things Trump.

They are obsessed to the point that their mental health needs to be checked by professionals.


To be sure, all of this effort, money they are blowing and time spent is for absolutely NOTHING.

Their Kangaroo Court has already been shown to be a travesty and a caricature of anything even remotely resembling a fair trial and the Senate is going to be that wall they hit at 200 mph in Turn 4.


I only hope that in this next election coming up that Joe and Jane Democrat pull their heads out of their asses, open their fucking eyes and come to the realization that these people they have elected over and over again are poisonous and toxic, completely ignoring their duties with this charade and wasting a lot of resources, all because of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

I do have one small bit of satisfaction wrapped up and stashed away for future enjoyment just in case.

Everyone reading this either knows or should know by now that Liddle Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and most of the Democratic party are dirty.

Corrupta Extremum as a matter of fact.

Trump sure as shit knows and I strongly suspect he has the proof at his fingertips.

It is my fervent hope that he lifts his little pinky finger, hits that button and dumps a literal truck load of that evidence for all to see.

That would get their attention…




13 thoughts on “The Democrats Shall Be Richly Rewarded For Their Impeachment Efforts

  1. They keep throwing shit at the President hoping something will stick, but it doesn’t.

    And if you throw enough shit, some bounces back and sticks to the thrower…..


  2. It’s a game of chicken… and the rules have changed. Ya know what Trump’s crime is? For the first time in 30 years, America had a POTUS that our real overlords can’t control. I seriously fear for him… all this hysteria and lunacy is getting increasingly shrill and desperate. How long before the Donks grease him? They killed Epstein in cold blood, in broad daylight and still, nobody’s gone to jail.

    I think somebody’s going to break and do something REALLY stupid soon… and then it’s game on….


  3. When the green light does pop up, the ensuing ruckus will be epic and ugly, and nothing any rational person would wish for, the readers here being at the top of the list, but we who do read here, and patiently take note of current events, will respond as appropriate.

    We’re not young, and most likely a lot of us can’t run a 6 minute mile any longer, but that won’t matter when current events are within one block.

    As it has been said, after the first one, everything is free. Look to your own, gents, there’s no telling what the timeline is any longer, best stock up on the remaining supplies while you can.


  4. Only three things count, Ammo, Ammo, and Ammo. Joined the marine Corps at 17, wasn’t scared of dying then. At 70 now so you know the answer. Ammo Ammo Ammo you can’t have enough, and when in doubt Empty the Magazine.


  5. Almost all of the anti-trump deep state fucks in this impeach sham have either
    redacted their earlier testimony, contradicted their earlier testimony, were revealed
    to have been the recipient of 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th hand hearsay evidence. What
    is worse, most of them are inferring or interpreting the “meaning” of facts in evidence.

    One dickhead “whistleblower” admitted in testimony that transcripts of the Trump
    call to the president of Ukraine was (as standard SOP dictates) verbatim! After
    all President Trump has had to deal with (leaks,) do you think that he is so fucking
    stupid, that he is not taking countermeasures?

    You can bet that whoever is taking dictation at White House meetings knows who
    was in the room at the time and has an accurate description of what was said.
    This Keystone Cops coup attempt will fail under the weight of its own stupidity!
    Do not be surprised if Nazi Pelosi and Adam “Pencil Neck” Schitt fold their
    tents and walk away to avoid the Mother Of All train wrecks!


  6. The efforts to impeach a good man whose only wish is that America be Great Again are beyond all the pale, I know nothing in all my life as disgusting and vile as what these fucking scumbags and completely crooked swamp things are doing, with the exception of the systemic institutionalized pedophilia they use as a weapon for power and profit.

    When exactly should the hubris of a vicious, lying, perverted, sloganeering, vile criminal state and it’s actors in particular be identified as what it is, a cover for unhinged greed, avarice, utter stupidity, and cruelty for cruelties sake and enjoyment, the power to hurt, when do we, these self appointed unaccountable “elites” expel them lock stock and barrel?

    I ask myself this question because every passing day it becomes clearer that we all must stand up for Mr. Trump and literally take these scumbags out ourselves, nothing less will be effective.


  7. This is how stupid the Demonrats are: they have now set a very low bar precedent for Impeachment, that will be used against one of their own at some point in the future.


  8. “These Rat Fuckers have zero interest in doing what they were elected to do, namely take care of The People’s Business”. One positive way to look at it is they are so busy chasing the laser pointer they are not making dumbass laws that just piss me off. I just don’t see anyway out of this other than a break up. Hildabeast had half the country voting for her. You cannot reason with that mentality. NYCFNY is going to be a very cold place in winter without natural gas. On the positive side (I am a positive kinda guy!) that will help preserve the dead for later consumption.


  9. Two things. First, this little play by the Democrats is going nowhere, and they know it. It is only to try and smear him politically, for the next election. The Senate won’t ever sustain an impeachment, if the House were to vote on one, which I predict that they won’t.
    And second, never bet against a man who is worth several billion dollars not being smarter than all of the Democrats combined. He no doubt has dirt on most of them, and he also is working quietly behind the scenes to get things done. He is in the process of making the health insurance companies become transparent with their deals that they cut with hospitals, and others, at the expense of consumers, so that we can see just how we are being shafted.
    That, combined with the many moves he has made to improve the economy, will insure that he wins re election. Plus, the new and improved version of NAFTA is almost ready for signing.
    It is hard to unseat a sitting president for a second term. With the people who voted for him the first time most likely still voting for him again, he almost certainly will add many voters who do not like what con game the Dems are playing. Just my prediction, but I predicted he would win the last time, before anyone even considered it possible, due to the people being mad at congress.


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