You Are SO Welcome!

so welcome

Now that I have flash burned your retinas, my work is done here for the day and now I have to go to the paying gig.

Thanks for stopping by.


17 thoughts on “You Are SO Welcome!

  1. I find her quite appealing! Warmth in the winter and shade in the summer and looking at her she can cook! Ate least her ass isn’t tatted! I bet she is easy too…


  2. DANG, Phil, WARN a guy next time.
    Lardass and her keeper should be wearing warning signs, for sure. And El Grosso needs to go “beep, beep” when she backs up, as well.

    Ya gots a permit for that hippo, lady?


  3. my backyard neighbor has a daughter shaped like that. my next door neighbor is vietnamese and he has lust in his eyes when said woman launches herself into the pool while wearing a swimsuit. her mother talks to me about the looks he throws over the fence. I told her it is a oriental thing and to pay it no attention and did she wish to purchase one of my .45s? I believe she is mulling it over.


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