Q Says Indictments Coming Before The End Of The Year

I’m hearing the IG report is going to be released before Thanksgiving.

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Indictments coming.



Indictments do not equal convictions, no conviction, no penalty.

I can see some of this shit getting drug out for years without one dirty motherfucker doing any jail time.

They literally have that gay ass Traitor Obama dead to rights and won’t ever charge him.

It’s a big club and we ain’t in it.

14 thoughts on “Q Says Indictments Coming Before The End Of The Year

  1. When it happens, it happens – but I expect the “top tier” scofflaws to get off regardless of the convictions, such is the sorry state of our “equal Justice for all”.


  2. Trump has put his life on the line for this country. I’ll stick with him. A battle is being fought now in DC. Blood has been spilled.


  3. The more I see of Donald Trump, the more I think that he has grown into the office. He didn’t have to run for president. He was rich, with a wife more beautiful than any man could wish for. He was respected by most of the people that now hate him, including the Clintons, and others. Yet for reasons unknown, he chose to run for president. It could have been an ego thing, but ego can only take you so far, when you face so much push back and treachery, which he no doubt knew was out there, from his dealings with other politicians.
    I have been disappointed in the house and the senate more than I have been in the president. He came into office with the idea of getting rid of the Obamacare crap, and replacing it with a better and more equitable plan. But the Republicans failed to have a plan in place waiting for his signature. The same thing with gun rights. Before, Trump was not exactly a strong gun rights person, but his sons helped him to ” see the light” as it were. And if the republicans had done what they were meant to do, and pass a damn bill giving us reciprocity on CCW, he could have signed it right up front. But they just pissed their majority away for two damn years.
    Looking at what President Trump HAS accomplished, in his first term, while being fought at every turn by those from both the left and the right, is simply amazing. The economy is booming, based upon his smarts in business. Getting the government out of the way of corporations and small business alike, is what he has done that has has the biggest effect. Plus, reducing regulations also made it easier for new start ups.
    Killing ISIS was Trump’s baby, and not Obama’s. And beginning to get us out of wars that we had no business in is also his doing. You can complain about leaving Syria and the Kurds alone but the truth is, he promised to get us out of places where we had no business being in, and he is doing so. That to me is a good thing. Just like making NATO take more of a role in their own defense, it is happening. Again, Trump’s doing, and a good thing. We have been in Afghanistan for nearing two decades, and have nothing to show for it, except for dead Americans.
    Donald Trump may not be the greatest president America has ever had. But it is a certainty that all presidents after him will be a different kind of person, and face different kinds of expectations. If for no other reason, that makes Trump worthwhile, and a good president, if he didn’t even change the SCOTUS, which is another of his successes.

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    • The Military and some Think Tanks asked him to run. They have been plotting to get the Deep State ever since JFK as assassinated. Trump has his own money so he can’t be bought.
      This has been a long time coming and they are crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s. This is why cleaning out the judiciary and getting conservative judges appointed has been so crucial.

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  4. Pizzagate is what brings them, brings the whole fucking rancid thing down.
    Everything else is a fucking sideshow.

    Yeah. Epstein didn’t kill himself.
    It is happening.
    Just what Q said.
    About where one goes we all go.
    Hearts and minds kiddies.
    If winning the hearts is an art, winning the minds is a science.
    Political science.
    It’s called science of creating a plurality of people.
    A plurality who will not be denied.
    And the art of withdrawal of consent for the motherfuckers.
    Everything they do is predicted upon an illusion they hold legitimacy.
    In what world do you or I live in where Pizzagate is a legitimate function of a political system?
    Not in my life.
    Not in my world.
    Not in my America.

    We ain’t seen nothing yet.
    The reality outing, of how fucking sick and vile these scum are will destroy them.
    Ever wonder just WHAT THE FUCK are these supposedly “elected representatives are doing? How the fuck they do, and why, they do the things they do that go against all logic, decency, morality, scruples and values? And specifically just why do they lie thru their fucking teeth to get elected and do shit that defies everything we have lived our lives believing in and supporting that make our country the wonderful home it is to us?
    It is the system of power, the ultimate leverage, the uyltimate in black mail, never mind the depravity many willingly take part in.
    Jeffery Epstein din’t kill himself. In Spades.
    Epstein died to protect pedo-elites in high places. Everywhere, from city hall to the white house, corporate board rooms to media complex inner sanctums.
    It is a system of blackmail and political influencing/extortion on a scale almost unimaginable. It is a monster they created, and like everything these scum weaponize it obtains a life of it’s own and gets out of control.
    Ask yourself, in regards to depravity and really crazy fucked up shit people with power do, go ahead ask yourself, what is the ultimate power?
    If you said the kidnapping, rape, torture, satanist sacrificial blood ritual of murdering children under torture and drinking their blood at the moment they die to ingest all the adrenalin and other fear compounds then you are looking at reality with open eyes and understand just how fucking vile and disgusting foul and truly evil our elitist betters are.
    Never mind the ultimate hipocracy of putting all these dead children thru the genocide meat grinder of planned parenthood, their private meat shop and organ legging operation under the guise of Roe verses Wade, yes judicial activism by Pizzagate judges, turning those dead kids into billions in profits, then your starting to get an idea of the scale and scope of these fucking scumbags. In what real Christian orientated civilization is the industrial systematic organized butchering of hundreds of millions of aborted and kidnapped enslaved tortured kids made “legal”??? Why would these same elected representatives, like Virginia and NY governor’s use their power intrusted to them by we the people to “legalize” 8-9 month babies in the womb, (I was born 2 months early, you mean murdering me is “legal”? On what fucking planet?), being murdered by crushing their skulls while still inside their mom’s womb? Why, because it is so fucking mind bending profitable, because they are part of in one way or another, of Pizzagate.

    Everything is connected to Pizzagate.


  5. Nobody of consequence will be indicted. A handful of low level scapegoats may be indicted…..a couple might even do a year or two in Club Fed. That’s as far…..AT BEST….that this goes. Trump is just a speedbump in the road to hell for America…,.be it for four or eight years. After he’s gone the Express train to ruin, and destruction resumes. America as a know it is done. Either we become a giant version of Venezuela or the commies lose in the coming violence and we have to rebuild America into a new paradigm. Either way the America we grew up in is dead.


  6. I was on the Q train from the git. Turned a bunch of fellow conservative on to him/them/it. They’re still excited. I need to see some perp walks. Tick Tock.


  7. On the money…..and it’s been years since anyone has been held accountable for anything. what that tells me is that both sides have dirty laundry to hide


  8. So. The very morning after the Schiff Show in congress blows up in their faces as a thundering nothing burger, we have another school shooting. In Kalifornia. Just happens to broom the Schiff Show right off the front page.

    Sixteen year old shooter takes a gun to school and shoots fellow students. On his sixteenth birthday, then fires the final round into his own head. My, how convenient.

    Anybody remember Patrick Purdy? Goes to school, shoots students, sets AK on the ground, pulls out handgun and blows his brains out. Hmmmm.


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