Old School Technology

One of the few things I brought back from Tennessee after my Grandfather’s funeral was one of his draw knives and a couple of wood planes. I even brought them back as carry on baggage on the plane, the last time I was on one, back in 1999.

Yes, pre 9/11,  I refuse to get on an airplane now.

They X-rayed my baggage and before they did I told the guy it was going to be an interesting conversation as soon as he saw this stuff in there. I explained to him that they were the only Keepsakes I could really take with me after my Grandfathers death. This was in Nashville, he was an older Black man and he thought it was really cool that those were the things I picked to take. After that I sailed on through to boarding.

I bet if you asked anyone under forty these days they wouldn’t even know what a draw knife is or what it was used for.

This one is razor sharp and whoever is using it knows their stuff.

Real skills.



21 thoughts on “Old School Technology

  1. I have quite a few of my grandfathers tools, TWO planes made of wood, and a curious tool that took me a while to figure out – it’s used to scrub the paint out of a wood window’s channel so you can raise/lower it again! It’s almost like new, and I’ve only used it once!

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  2. When the wife and I bought our first house there was a bunch of junk left in it. One thing that I kept was an old wooden box full of stuff. Most of them were woodworking tools. One thing in there was a small draw knife. A guy who I knew collected old tools and tried to talk me out of some of them. He called that small draw knife a spoke shaver. Beats me if that was the real name, but I took his word for it……….

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    • Yep, it’s a Spoke shave for wooden wagon wheels and such.
      They also used them for making the round ends for legs and slats on wooden chairs way back in the day if a wood lathe wasn’t available.


  3. In 1979, I boarded a plane in Pittsburgh bound for Phoenix with a .357 and a box of 50 in my carry on. Told them I had it, a State trooper took me aside, examined it, then asked if they could put the bad in the pilot’s closet. No prob I said. It was my first flight and not very full. One of the flight attendants sat on the armrest of the seat in front of me and talked to me the entire flight. Thought she liked me but was no doubt just keeping a close watch on me.

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    • Did ya ask the stewardess for her phone number? I use to carry when I would fly after declaring and having it checked it then they would put it in the hold. I never had anybody babysit me. You must be a shady looking character…


      • I don’t think I was shady looking, but I’ve had a couple people tell me I looked like I was with the mob. Didn’t ask the number as I wasn’t in a position to ask her out at the time. Travelling really light, especially the cash position. I was moving out there without having a job up front, so staying with a couple friends til I got on my feet. No car.


  4. I knew exactly ONE guy that could do that stuff, and do it RIGHT.

    He was about 5 or 6 years younger than me, and had learned it from his Grandpa.

    Back in the late 1970’s, a couple of years after he got out of high school, he was making $1000/week doing custom carpentry for people.


  5. When I was about 14, My dad wanted me to build a ~300 yard fence out of Doug fir poles about twenty feet long. Four rows of poles. But they had bark on them still, I got a whole lot of practice using the draw knife.


  6. Draw knives are still very much in use in the UK and Europe:


    Problem in the UK is that the old style craftsmen are dying off and their skill set dies with them as we no longer have proper apprenticeships just a few months at tech school. Although long retired from the building trade when I sold my company I am still in touch with other companies that are and they tell me they are getting desperate for skilled labour as the older generation retires.

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    • Same thing around here.
      Half of our maintenance crew is over 55 with one guy who is 75 freaking years old.
      My kid just got his electricians license. He said they are screaming for qualified help all over around here.Offering crazy signing bonuses trying to steal employees from other companies.
      These younger generations don’t want to get in the trades, most of them that I have run across make me wonder how they even find their way to work every day.


  7. Many years ago my girlfriend was working in El Paso at a restaurant. A group of fellow servers went over to Ciudad Juarez, to the Kentucky Bar, birthplace of the Margarita. The owner gave them the royal treatment and explained the Margarita’s history and such, and of course treated them to his own especiale. The shaved ice, she tells me, is a secret to making a great Margarita. And to get that, there was this little kid sitting on a big piece of thick leather straddling a huge block of ice and shaving it down with an old draw knife. Now, I do not really like Margaritas, but I’d love to go there and try some! Check it out here: https://www.stayadventurous.com/2013/03/juarez-club-kentucky-margarita/


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