Take This To Heart People


Like Popeye always said, I am what I am.

I quit giving a shit about what other people think forty years ago.

I have also pretty much always spoken my mind.

Some people don’t care to hear what I have to say because I say what I mean and mean what I say.

I believe it’s called brutal honesty.

Now that I am pretty much an Official Geezer, I really get to enjoy being an asshole with it sometimes.

15 thoughts on “Take This To Heart People

      • Right. Even though I‘m pretty far away from that age I can sometimes use that liberty since I grew a pretty long and very white beard. Sucks when meeting younger women though 😀


          • A guy of fifty gets married to a twenty year old woman and his friend, though congratulating him, admonishes because of her age:
            „Just hink this over man! When you’re sixty she will be thirty. The day you’re seventy you’ll be married to a forty year year old woman! What are you gonna do with such an old lady??“


  1. I could have used this advice in my youth too. I put up with some seriously nasty shit I shouldn’t have. Never again. There are some folks that need to be offended… and possibly bitch slapped and spanked with a wooden spoon as well. This is good advice for sensible young people too…


    • When we were young, putting up with something was mostly self preservation, the better part of valor or as I used to say: “live to fight another day”.
      If I had bitch slapped everyone that deserved it I probably would not have gotten this old.


  2. I got tired of being walked all over in my younger years. Folks hear me loud and clear now whether they want to hear it or not. Sometimes, true shit needs to be said.


  3. Is it my connection to the interwebs or has anyone noticed Kenny’s Knuckle Dragging My Life Away blog is 404 Not Found since at least the early AM EST?


  4. Welcome to the club Phil. I can get me some great food at the local geezer
    center, but it only reminds me of my age. They also sell frozen low fat, low sodium,
    low-calorie, low cholesterol without the chemical sludge you find in store-bought
    frozen meals. Not bad for a buck a pop meal from the Meals On Wheels people.
    I simply have a neighbor lady pick some up for me a few times a week.

    Shit, we even get discounts at restaurants. The only downside is all of the aches
    and pains!


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