21 thoughts on “Get A Grip

  1. Going to the old Fremont Drag-strip that use to happen often and also the tire wrinkling then exploding off of the rim sounding like an artillery shell bursting and being close enough back then to get hit with rubber shrapnel. Ahh the fun old days when you could be a part of it and if hit you died like real men…


    • I’m thinking you were there racing close to my time or you would have called it “Gaylands Raceway”. Were you there the day the parachutest crashed and died on the track?
      I’ve seen wrinkle wall come apart several times.


      • This was back between 1968 and 1974 when I lived in San Jose. My brother and friends would go up their to watch the drag races and then San Jose Speedway to watch modified and Super Modified. Never raced, but had friends that did and would crew for them.


  2. Those were the days when crew chiefs and owner/drivers would shave a 1/16 inch off of the rear tires to reduce the unsprung weight by 10oz to get under the weight class rule and then would make tires unsafe and cars unmanageable and result in freaking cool wrecks.


    • My favorite was watching the clutch try to launch into orbit – but the scatter-shield bell housing or the clutch safety blanket usually meant the parts tried to launch to China. Still fun, though. Especially if the throttle stuck and the engine tried to follow the clutch!

      Ah, the good ol’ F/MP class racing at the local strip.


  3. Anyone else having a problem reaching Knucledraggin.com? I’m getting:
    404 The requested URL / was not found on this server.
    It was up earlier this AM.


    • Well, I checked them out :

      C:\Users\Igor>nslookup Knucledraggin.com
      Server: cdns01.comcast.net
      Address: 2001:558:feed::1

      *** cdns01.comcast.net can’t find Knucledraggin.com: Non-existent domain

      Also did an official dig and nslookup, checking for a CNAME, got… nuttin’
      It’s as if they never existed. Curious…

      If DNS can’t find ya, you don’t exist in the Internet.

      (Yes, I’m an interwebbies expert. No, I won’t fix your computer.)


  4. Inflation’s juuuuuuust about right. I could never afford wrinkle-walls, back in the 60’s-70’s they were over $ 500/tire, and that was for the cheap ones! Forget about the rims!!

    (Don’t try this at home, kiddies. Leave it for the professionals)


  5. In a work, TRACTION. If’n you have not seen a top fueler or flopper (funny car) in person, from a position near the starting line, you have NO idea of what it is. TV not that enlightening. Attend an NHRA National event near you, on a Friday, which is Pro Qualifying Day for the Nitro-burning stuff and the Pro Stocks. BRING AND WEAR YOUR BEST HEARING PROTECTION. Be prepared to be overwhelmed at the violence and the sonic and physical assault on you r senses. Go into the pits (it is included in the admission price) and be awestruck by the rebuild and the testing fire-up after the rebuild. You are welcome. Keep up the good work Phil.


    • The first time I saw wrinkle-wall tires abruptly “inflate” during a burnout, I immediately appreciated a tire that was that flexible, yet could handle a thousand horses trying to unscrew the rim and tire. Now that we have slo-mo and decent high-speed photography, it’s even MORE impressive! That pic is a fine example (a frame grab?) of a wrinkle-wall doing its job!!


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