It’s A Good Day To Do Nuthin’

And I’m doing it well, thankyouverymuch.

Actually, I can’t say that, I just got back from a trip to Lowes to get a new furnace filter and stuck that in.

I am also currently waiting for some paint to dry on a little piss ant project out in the garage that I threw on while waiting for breakfast to get done nukularizing earlier today.

It’s a dreary day hereabouts, drizzling, overcast, damp and chilly so fuck trying to do anything outside. It does make me glad that I did get off my dead ass yesterday for a bit and cleaned out the gutters for the twenty seventh time this year.

Other than that, bupkiss.

I’m skimming the internet and watching Youtubes.

It ain’t like a day off once in a while isn’t supposed to be the order of the day anyway.

I have plenty of hustle and bustle in my life just like everyone else, less than some and more than others I’m sure.

That shit can all take a day off too as far as I’m concerned.


7 thoughts on “It’s A Good Day To Do Nuthin’

  1. RE: gutter cleaning. Bought a 2nd big shop vac couple black Fridays ago when HD put their 6.5 HP on sale cheep. It gave me another pair of rigid extension tubes,and a thought: stick ’em together, a 90 degree 3″ PVC elbow with female threads just barely screws on to the tapered end of one of the extensions, the other extension end is a good fit into the end of the attached output section on my Stihl leaf blower (Model 85), some duct tape to seal the joint, and I can blow out the gutters from ground level all the way around the house in about 4 minutes. Probably won’t work on a 2-story house, but on a 1-story it’s great.

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  2. Gutters… hate cleanin’ ’em. We got 5 maple and 4 pecan trees around the house and the seeds/flowers in the spring and leaves in the fall… fuggitabout it. There’s also an oak and an ash close and they all drop leaves at different times.
    But, I FOUND THE ANSWER! (link below)
    My friend, a gutter/siding/window/etc. contractor put these on my house back in 2010 and I ain’t been on a ladder since. Blew my mind, they run clear all year. Now, my back, due to hard work and gettin’ drunk and fallin’ off motorsickles, is garbage, I’m 64, so haulin’ a ladder out and tryin’ to gimp up the fucker is outta the question anyway. But since Rich installed these, I ain’t had to worry about it. Ther’s all kinds out there, but metal micromesh works the best, no chance of seeds, leaf stems etc. getin’ stuck in ’em and you can drop ’em in yerself.


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