Needs More Bumper

Kinda cool though.


I tried blowing this up as much s I could and I still can’t figure out what that is hanging out the front there behind the skinny bumper.

It would be a good spot for a Nose Gunner though.

12 thoughts on “Needs More Bumper

  1. This image is all over Russian web sites. The best I can make of it is that it
    is probably some surplus military vehicle Kludged up by some drunken Crazy
    Ivan in his garage.

    There is a shitload of images of like this on the sites that defy description.
    This is what you would get if Phil got tanked up and was handed 3 junkers
    and told to make one running junker. It is amazing what a Ruskie can do
    with a welder, grinder and a cutting torch!


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