Canadian 11th Grade School Girl Kicked Out For Refusing To Wear “Rainbow” Poppy, Putting Up Posters Defending Tradition Of Wearing Red And Black Poppy Instead, School Accuses Her Of Hate Speech and Hate Crime.

 This story was sent to me by another blogger who wants more eyes on it and I will certainly oblige that request.

PROTECT OUR POPPIES: Grade 11 student kicked out of school after defending the red and black poppy!

Natalie Salisbury was kicked out of school after defending the traditional red and black poppy.

Her crime?

The Grade 11 student refused to don an LGBT-inspired rainbow poppy so she printed off posters to defend her decision and explain why the traditional red and black poppy means so much to so many Canadians.

Natalie’s father called us to express his outrage at the school’s decision. He said Natalie is worried that no-one will stand up for her, which is a damned shame after she proudly stood up for our veterans and our right to remember their sacrifices.

So we’re going to prove to her that that is not the case — people do care and will stand by her.

We will be sending this petition to Natalie to prove to her that thousands of Canadians stand with her in protecting our traditional red and black poppies.

We will also be sending a copy of this petition to the school administration to show them that Natalie is not alone — and this disgrace will not stand!

We stand by Natalie Salisbury — let’s protect our poppies!


These Liberals are Zealots man, conform to our current standards or suffer any consequences we can make happen.

I mean seriously, they kicked this girl out of school because she wouldn’t go along with their virtue signaling campaign for Teh Gays and had the temerity to post her thoughts?

Yeah, I know what I would have told them.

There is a petition you can sign and a ten minute video that reports on this including interviews with Natalie and her father plus the reporter getting shut down trying to talk to the principal and the superintendent.There are currently a little over ten thousand people who have signed the petition electronically, including yours truly. I get anywhere from 2 to 3,000 page views a day here. If all of you took a minute to sign that thing it would add another third to the list.

I say we support our Canadian friends and this brave young lady especially and flog this petition American Style.

You can do so HERE.

The Red and Black poppy is a symbol of support these people do every year for the veterans of WWI and WWII.

Them LBGTQXYZMFRS can find something else to hijack in my opinion and if you want to quote me, I’ll tell you right now that I think Veterans of all wars should be remembered, honored and taken care of long before any queers get anything.

Especially preferential treatment.

You ain’t that special, Sunshine.





18 thoughts on “Canadian 11th Grade School Girl Kicked Out For Refusing To Wear “Rainbow” Poppy, Putting Up Posters Defending Tradition Of Wearing Red And Black Poppy Instead, School Accuses Her Of Hate Speech and Hate Crime.

      • Agree, here in Alberta my daughter told off a snowflake for talking during the remembrance ceremonies this year. He told her to F off and she showed him the error of his ways.

        He got in trouble because here in rural Alberta disrespecting remembrance day is very much frowned on.


  1. I’m won’t wear rainbows either. I have a militant gay daughter and if there were something good about queers, I would have found it. I can’t speak about the faggots, but lesbians are shitty, mean and miserable… and they want to spread it. Fuck the queers and fuck the liberals.

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  2. Done.

    Here’s the bottom line about all this abnormal stuff. It ain’t normal. No matter how many skool administrators the “alphabet people” can bully into saying it is.


  3. This is wrong I stand with and support your daughter. I am Trans and as such part of the LGBTQ community but to punish her for this is wrong. The school officials should be fired and if the board supported it, they should resign.


    • You’re not “trans”. You’re sexually disturbed or just stupid. And like my daughter you will pay for it dearly … eventually… and it will serve you right. The hell of it is you’re probably going to drag some of your family along with you.


  4. Done and done.
    Phil, the LGBTQVWXYZ community wants to spread their Gender Dysphoria far and wide, and having infiltrated the schools you have to toe the line or be silenced/shunned/spat at. Nope, not gonna happen. When the balloon goes up these type of people are going to be the second to go. The Politicians go first, though.


  5. It’s worse than that. If the poppy thing is the same in Canada as it is here in the UK, the poppies (the real red-and-black ones) are sold to raise money for injured ex servicemen. Anyone else setting up their own scheme on the back of that is at best close to running a fraud, and to diverting charitable giving into their own pockets. Utter scum.


  6. This whole thing has gotten out of control! I commend Natalie for taking a stand. I would like to see a copy of her poster that got her suspended in the first place.


  7. This bullshit was never about equal rights. It is all about giving the victim classes
    rights and privileges beyond those they already enjoy as American citizens. The
    civil and voting rights acts in the middle sixties were never intended to endorse
    the concept of “affirmative action.” These amendments were meant to redress
    actual discrimination against blacks imposed by the Democrat party.

    Back in the seventies, the lesbo-feminist left lost in their attempt to impose the
    Equal Rights Amendment which would have made women a protected class
    and create affirmative action for women.

    The one saving grace is that the Democrat party went so batshit insane they now
    have competing factions warring against themselves in an effort to claw their way
    to the top of the Bandini Mountain to achieve the title of the king of the PC pile.
    Gays are turning on trannies, who are turning on transgenders, and they are
    even trying to normalize pedophilia! The Bandini Mountian the Democrats
    have built is destroying the fractured (often competing) constituencies that
    make up a large percentage of their voting base.

    In the 1992 campaign cycle, I theorized that if the Donks lost even five percent
    of their voting blocs, they could never win another national election. I was off
    on the timeline, but I also predicted that private-sector union members would
    be the first to bail. The people in the Rust Belt, coal and oil states wanted
    their fucking jobs and middle-class lifestyles back! Black people, Hispanics,
    Jews and moderate Democrats who the Donks thought was their path to
    a one-party state are leaving the Democrat party by the millions!

    Economic prosperity is even causing lifelong leftists and weirdo-sexuals
    to rethink their political views. The mountain of cow shit they created
    is disintegrating.


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