Sticking Another Quarter In The Jukebox

Let’s go back a few decades to one of my favorite and under played Scorpions tunes.

Crank it boys.


The Scorpions were one of the first few concerts I ever went to, I have seen them a couple of times and they flat got with the program back in the day.

The fact that I can remember it forty years later proves my point.

Here is another little goody for ya that you never hear, I don’t know about anyone else but I am so sick of hearing Rock You Like A Hurricane on the radio I could scream.

Theses guys actually have a wide range of music.

This ones for you Notwende.

4 thoughts on “Sticking Another Quarter In The Jukebox

  1. The Scorpions ‘retired’, and left the scene while still on-top.
    It disappointed many; but, that’s the way they wanted it.

    “Let’s go back a few decades to one of my favorite …”

    Great minds – or people with good taste (or age?) – think alike.
    You sure we didn’t go to school together, or something, Phil?


    • I feel bad for all the people paying $200 (and up) to see the Rolling Stones AKA the Strolling Bones now. I saw them in the 70’s and bitched about paying $40 for 2 tickets at Boston Garden.
      Good Times.
      Scorpions “World Wide Live” will always be my favorite.


  2. Bought “Love Drive” the day it was released. Saw them near Yakota AFB in 1984. “Arizona” from “Black Out” is one of my favorites.


  3. That was my 1st Scorpions album, that and ‘Animal Magnatism’ are nearly worn out, the vinyl has ruts rather than grooves. Good times !


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