9 thoughts on “Is This A Sign Of The End Of The World?

    • I don’t know Grog, 20 seems a very conservative number. I hazard to guess it would be upwards of 200 or 20 thousand of us Phil clones… We are the ones to bring back civilization after the very dark ages that is coming. We know tools! I am a Phil clone, but I have a larger ass.


      • Good point, Cederq, I was only thinking of we that comment here, out in the world I would guess there are over 200K curmudgeons, older and younger, but all with skills that will be needed after the crunch. And that number is probably way low.


          • I like ‘lectricity… Actually I am good with 12 to 48 volt DC systems. I can work and figure out AC but don’t have any licenses to go with that. Just know my Elec Codes and my Ohm’s Law. I have wired three houses I have built and family and close fiends house and all the inspectors were impressed and said I did a better job then electricians, of course I have too, don’t want a house burn down cuz of my wiring.


  1. License? Permits? Words not in my vocabulary. Read the code manuals, read the local township regs and jump into the project. So long as not externally visible and done right, no one will say peep.

    If externally visible, get the permit, have it signed off by the local inspector when done and everyone goes to bed happy. Simple rule around here. If it breaks, fix it, if it can’t be fixed, find a used one that works and replace. Buying new is absolute last resort.

    Yeah, there are likely a million of us “Phils” out here, just getting things done and saving what tools we can find, especially the ones that help repair other tools and machines. What worries me some on occasion is that the new generations seem to be producing fewer “tinkerers” and do-it-yourself types.

    Doing my best to pass on skills to my progeny, but it is an uphill battle, too much instant gratification and distractions in today’s world. Going to work on the grand kids every chance I get.


    • I am the same terrapod, I don’t get permits and “permissions” to work on my house. With me if it is external I do it on the weekends when the code enforcers and inspectors are off and I get it done. One thing I don’t brag about it or make a spectacle of my project.


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