Shoulda Looked Into That Gas Smell Eh?

I took one look at this picture and said Bronco, bigger than shit. I recognized the upper intake plenum, the intake hoses from the air filter housing and the headlight assembly right away.

This is why I  found and changed that injector as soon as I started smelling gas.

If someone is standing there taking pictures of it burning on the side of the road, you know that fucker burned to the ground.

Burn Bitch

This is a good reminder to me to go buy a damn fire extinguisher just for that POS.

11 thoughts on “Shoulda Looked Into That Gas Smell Eh?

  1. If you buy a fire extinguisher, please don’t get one of those 1/2 lb to 1 lb piss-ants with a plastic valve. It’s not enough, and the valve will crack and lose pressure. You need at least a 5-pounder (preferably 10 lbs) ABC Dry Chemical, with a metal valve (Coast-Guard approved) to effectively fight a fire like the one shown.

    Maintenance is easy: Do NOT give it a “test squirt”. Just check the pressure gauge at least once a year. If that’s s ok, turn the extinguisher upside down, shake the tank until you hear all the powder fall to the bottom. Turn upright again, and put it back. Done.

    How do I know? My best friend is a Fire Chief. You DO NOT want to be yelled at by a Fire Chief, even if he is your best friend …


    • Very good advice!! I carry a big one in my RV, per what you describe. All of my automotive ones are smaller, though… Maybe I should rethink this.

      I actually put out a fire in another car that I just happened to drive up on, the little 5-pounder did just fine. Of course, I’ve had training in how to properly use one – this helps A LOT! The car was a 55 Chevy, today’s cars have a bunch of plastic which makes for a more fun/dangerous conflagration!


  2. The fuel pulse damper on the fuel rail is also a well know failure point. Those fuckers will start pissing out gas without a warning, right on to the exhaust cross over on top of the bell housing.


  3. Two is one, one is none.

    If you’re willing to spend the bucks, add a 5 lb CO2 to the 5 lb dry chem. CO2 doesn’t make the mess dry chem does and works just fine IF you catch the blaze while it’s small.

    Pro Tip: If you have a fire, AND an extinguisher, AND put the fire out, do NOT attempt to drive it home even if you think there’s pressure left in the extinguisher and the fire was a unique event. My neighbor tried that and wound up at a car dealer 4 days later to spend an insurance check……


  4. My friend had an old junker back in the day. Engine caught fire, so he coasted into a service station and parked at the pumps, thinking that there’d be a water hose there. (Remember way way back, when they had water and air hoses right beside the pumps, free?) Anyway, no water hose. It was way off in the corner by the quarter machine for air. No way he was getting back in the car, so he just stood off to the side and watched. The people working the station (it had a garage attached) rushed out yelling and screaming. He just shrugged his shoulders, said “That ain’t my car no more”, and walked off. Last he saw they were trying to push it away from the pumps.

    That was back in the day where you could get a junker with current tags for ~$200, drive it until the tags expired, then ditch it. Don’t bother transferring titles, you won’t be keeping it that long.


  5. My 70 Nova SS caught fire back in the late 70s. Leaking fuel line at the carb while going down the road at 50 mph. Stopped, opened the hood and WOOF! (Didn’t know any better at the time) It’s amazing, the power of adrenaline, scooping gravel from a hard packed road shoulder with my bare hands. Car was saved, knuckles bloodied. I have carried a 5# DC ever since. Used it twice helping out fellow motorists


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