14 thoughts on “Little Asshole

    • You know it! Be running home too for the .300blk. thats the best pork on earth right there. Stink something awful on the outside, pure white sweet meat on the inside. The meat of Kings.
      Bagged and butchered 3 now, all where 1st rate eating. For the cost of a bullet.


  1. Ever think about WHY this was filmed in the first place?Was it staged? I mean who the hell has a camera at THAT moment… Looks like just another deep state false flag episode to me. Probably some Leftists vegan plot to liberate bacon or some shit. I have always wanted to fill a Uhaul with live deer and release them in the middle of Manhattan. I could put reflective vests on them… Or a battery operated cop light on each of their heads…


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  3. If you’re unarmed and knocked off your feet, roll on your back and keep kicking his snout, even though he’ll rip your calves up. Stop the bastard from hooking a tusk under your ribcage and ripping a kidney open, that is unsurvivable.


  4. When Bacon Hits Back – umm umm bacon.

    Yep, wild hog, maybe even original Russian boar stock, the bodies on those are slim width and broader than feral hog which body shape is more farm livestock (round and fat). At least that is what my eyes tell me.

    Feral hog have vicious tempers, that guy got off easy. Those chompers aren’t just for eating, they are for fighting.


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