Get The Fuck Outta My Way!

I’m not  joking.


I will put that old POS Bronco into 4 Low, crumple your precious little Econobox into a little ball and then push it and you out of my way before I drive off.


9 thoughts on “Get The Fuck Outta My Way!

  1. Yeah I recall when they criticized Mercedes in the good old days saying they’re building their limousines far too strong!
    Well these fuckers really were a tough bunch. If you drove some Jap and you were rear ended by one of these your spare tire ended up in your lap – tough cars them Mercedes then.


  2. rear bumper on my dodge truck has totalled two cars that had texting drivers. new chrome bumper is making the rest of the truck look like it needs a wash…


  3. Let’s hear it for today’s plastic cars.

    Nowadays, when I drive across an accident location (it occurred earlier) all I see is a bunch of broken plastic all over the place.

    Technology marches on. Paper is probably next.


  4. New vehicles are designed to collapse on impact absorbing impact energy around the passenger compartment. Good for safety i suppose, not so much for vehicle longevity.


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