8Chan V.2.0

It’s called 8Kun and it should be on line finally around 10 A.M Eastern time.


This is a screen grab from about an hour ago, this count down clock is on Isitwetyet.com and that is a website the owner of 8Kun also has been using for progress updates.


It will be interesting to see if it is actually up and running when I wake up. It’s 3:30 AM here right now.

Just a heads up, it has been pointed out repeatedly that the DOD turns up in the trace path of 8Kun…….

Military Intelligence perhaps?

10 thoughts on “8Chan V.2.0

  1. It goes to a dead page – any browser I use – must either be hammered with use, or, active means to prevent its access.

    Maybe the board Admins didn’t count on the volume? Many X that they thought would access.

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    • It loads slow but I can finally get it to come up. However I still haven’t found the Qresearch thread. yes they are still having problems. Apparently there is a Tor site and regular web site.


      • It’s a little hinky right now. Loaded up OkeeDokee after a few minutes.
        What do you think, they launch a new Q right at midnight?

        Might be they are under attack, it’s holding things up a bit, which would be surprising if they where not. Being that unfettered unalienable open source free speech is a statist-quo proscribed capitol crime now, it’s not hard to imagine the outrage and contempt this causes the poor dears.

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  2. Alt-Tech, Alt-Platforms, Alt-Agitrop, build them create them they can’t stop the message.
    Our American spirit, our culture, is upstream of their politiks.
    Alt-Right was always inevitable.
    Q is legion.
    “They” already lost the narrative thanks to 8chans and others with courage who refuse to bend a knee or comply.
    Agents Orangemanbad and their old institutional order they are servants and minions of is failing.
    Every Day Resistance Is Fertile.
    They thought she could never loose.
    The Deplorable’s beat them at their own game on 11-8-16.
    Besides, they can’t stop even the message, how are they going to be able to stop BFYTW, and it has not even begun to pay itself forward.
    The God Emperor has not taken full power yet MAGA is Killing Them.

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      • Oh man I want to see Q and the boyz back. They are unconscious, some of the trolls are priceless.
        This will be very interesting. They are going to come even more unhinged, totally unglued if thats possible, when 8chan and Q spring forth again on an open source insurgent platform.

        For right now, it’s all they got, going after Q and 8chans that is. Pathetic when you give it a good think. Shutting down blogs like mine and other low hanging fruit is really pathetic. If they are so morally superior and front of the bus and everything, be no need to fear and proscribe free speech and other unalienable choices of open unfettered activity of free people. Be real inclusivity and diverse speech.
        Then there’s shit like whats happening at Andy Ngo’s home.

        ‘Creepy: Antifa Goons Show Up at Journalist Andy Ngo’s Home in Andy Ngo Masks on Halloween’

        It IS creepy. Any man worth his salt knows this shit don’t wash. Not at your castle.
        You got to think how it must be for Andy, these pieces of human trash invading your property, puling this dirty stinking commie neo-bolshivik mind job bullshit.

        Ol’ Andy is a right nice dude, but they are doing this to him and his family because they aren’t afraid of him directly defending his family and his property. For now anyways. Think Roof Korean’s.
        It’s all propaganda theater at the moment. For now. It surely looks like they are jonesing for some future violent action, and this is part of ramping that stage of festivities to the next level.
        Though, I think they are very very selective who they go after, and everything is carefully researched, organized, even choreographed like a street dance troupe, so if say Andy went kinetic on their sorry arses they have an instant fake narrative and victim stance prepared to serve up for their complicit associates in the yellow media.

        Like to see these anti-fart scum try that intimidation crap at my house here in WV.
        I learned a lot about it when obama’s organizing for amerika thugs where sent to intimidate me because they didn’t like what I was writing about their lightbringer.

        Hope Ol’ Andy stays safe and his family aren’t too shook up by it. It’s a serious violation of your person, mind rape, make you a victim. It truly is kreepy kommie shit. It is a trademark of organized crime syndicates. And after all, thats who is behind this and running the show.

        Don’t get mad, get even Andy. There’s a 1001 ways to skin this cat.
        The great thing is, not to loose your nerve. Loosing your cool is what they want to happen, then your on the defensive and behind the curve.


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