This Could Be Hazardous To My Health

NW’s Largest Garage Sale and Vintage Sale, Nov. 2

November 2 @ 7:00 am – 5:00 pm


NW’s Largest Garage Sale & Vintage Sale is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Nov. 2, with early bird admission at 7 a.m. Browse among over 600 indoor booths at the Clark County Event Center & Fairgrounds, 17402 N.E. Delfel Rd. Ridgefield. Parking is $6 cash. General admission is $6 for adults. Early bird entry is $20. Kids under 12 are free at all times.

Shop individual vendors for antiques, collectibles, vintage, new and everything in between, jewelry, furniture, tools, toys, electronics, clothing, games, books, household items, baby and kids’ items and so, so, so much more. For more information, visit

I saw the ad for this before I had finished even half a cup of coffee, got so excited that I jumped up and started running around getting ready to go, told The Wifely Unit I was heading out and hauled ass up there in the Caballero, just in case I needed to haul something back.

I got to the Fair Grounds, ten miles away, parked and went up to the ticket booth.

The lady looked at me like I was retarded and informed me that the sale doesn’t start until tomorrow.


Because I work 4-10’s I have Fridays off. This fucks me up EVERY WEEK.

I get up, remember I don’t have to go to work and think it’s fucking Saturday.

This could be a blessing in disguise.

This may give me the chance to find some Adult Supervision to go with me so they can talk me out of buying something stupid that I don’t need.

Sure, who am I trying to kid?

I have the self control of an attention starved Labrador puppy in a room full of children. The only difference being that I try real hard not to pee on the floor in my excitement.

This is why it could be dangerous for me to even drive up there.

Heh, like that’s going to stop me.

10 thoughts on “This Could Be Hazardous To My Health

  1. I say we plan this out with efficient, military precision. We storm the front entrance, pay our admission fee if any, then proceed with due haste upon every table and hutch, bare ground. We encircle every tool and mechanical gadget and bargain like mooselimes at which we will be victorious! But your truck and mine will be filled to it’s max. Is that the “Adult Supervision you had in mine?)

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