14 thoughts on “They Know NOTHING!

      • I have a Victrola, and I had a 1904 Bungalow Player piano I gave to my daughter. Yes, I have 78, 45, and 33’s and can still play ’em. Don’t have a pre WWII wire recorder, but I *DO* have a 1943 Signal Corps tube tester, which works just fine. Still.


  1. Spacers for 45’s and AM radio top 50 stations. FM band? Whats that?
    AM music radio blasting out thru a mono speaker. If you where really hip, you ordered a center back seat mounted speaker option for your 62 Chevy Impala rag top. That was peak stylin’.
    Bootleg recorded Lead Zep concert albums.
    If you were a true non-conformist, late at night you watched the underground of TV, UHF, fuzzy, out of focus, always snow unless you got the tin foil wrapped rabbit ears exactly so, and nobody in the room moved. Home to Classic Sci-Fi and Outer Limits/Twilight Zone in the late 60’s thru mid 70’s.
    Don’t bogart that bowl man…


  2. And the uppity pup has never heard of 8-tracks either, I suppose.

    If your music comes on wax cylinders and player piano rolls, you’re old.
    Anything else, not so much.


    • 20 years ago a girlfriend had an 8 track player in her office. Her kid happened to see one of the tapes & asked: “Hey mom, what kind of game is this?”


  3. I recently put in a 55″ 4K ultra high definition TV….. and bought a composite video to hdmi converter so I could still hook up the old VHS player. (We still have lots of movies on tape.)


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