18 thoughts on “Bye Bye Beto

  1. Well it’s about farkin time! as every day passed, we noticed his diminishing IQ, and his poor grasp of reality. I think I’ll have a drink on that! Skoal!


    • Those “committed Socialists” ALWAYS have a job vacancy for their kindred souls. Will they make Beto, the “Gun Catcher” (not unlike the “Child Catcher” character in the 1968 Dick Van Dyke film, “Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang”) ?


  2. Who is this Beto guy? Oh, you mean Bobby O’Dork! Well, hopefully we won’t have to listen to him any more, telling us the good Citizens of America will voluntarily turn in their guns. Right?
    Another Luser bites the dust!

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    • The only purpose that waste of skin served was to openly tell us the plans to get our guns that we already figured out on our own anyway.. Now he can go back and crawl under the rock he slid out from under in the first place.


  3. How a man like Beano O’Rourke could even be a candidate is beyond my
    comprehension. His wealthy parents had illegal alien maids an nannies. They
    taught him to speak Spanish. OK, no disgrace in that, but to try to pass himself
    off as Emilio Zapata is a bridge too far. Like every dumb fuck in his generation,
    he grew up with a computer. I know a lot of real software and hardware hackers
    (the non-malicious type.) I know a Code Kitten when I see one. A Code Kitten
    is a wannabe jackoff who makes use of code written by real hackers.

    He can join a hacker club and buy a subscription to 2600 Quarterly, but the Marxist
    Ken Doll could not hack his way out of a paper bag. He was published in an issue
    in the Cult of the Dead Cow Newsletter. In was an ode to the “Sacred Cow,” in which
    he asked the cow to “wax his balls.” He is no TS Elliot!

    Let’s explore his criminal record: Burglary and an attempt at leaving the scene
    of an accident. But he was an “artist!” In his pot-smoking yoot, he was a member
    of a no-hit garage punk rock group and he performed in a dress. He admitted
    to eating dirt after his defeat to Ted Cruz just last year! You almost cannot top
    that, but he also admitted that he fantasized about running down two little
    girls walking down a road in Texas.

    The ultimate irony is that his bag of personal garbage may be smaller, and he
    may actually be saner than most of the other clown car candidates! Just 20
    years ago, not one of these fucking clowns would even be in the running.


  4. Shit, Phil, I was encouraged by the header, expecting to see he had croaked, all he did was give up trying to get elected? Well, that’s good enough, he’s a punk loser.


  5. Butto is a disgrace to the human race and not worth the air he wastes like most politicians especially the Dems and RINOs who’s only goal is the power to dictate to what they consider “the little people”, and it anyone can’t see that you’re one of the fools they’re looking for.


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