More Winning

You just have to know that Twitter is doing this because the Right Wingers are beating the Liberals like rented mules and they can’t be having that.

I can think of no other possible reason. If those fuckers at Twitter even suspected that the Democrats were getting the slightest advantage they wouldn’t be doing this and we all know that.

Breaking News
Oct. 30, 2019

Twitter bans all political advertising

Twitter is banning all political advertising from its service, saying social media companies give advertisers an unfair advantage in proliferating highly targeted, misleading messages.

The move comes in contrast to Facebook, which has taken fire since disclosing that it will not fact-check ads by politicians or their campaigns, which could allow them to lie freely.

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7 thoughts on “More Winning

  1. I think these corrupt out of control self appointed to rule over us, masters of the universe despots don’t get it, the Tea Party they tried to shut down in 08, then infiltrate The Tea Party in order to liquidate it in 2010 via weaponizing the IRS, DHS, FBI, NSA, BLM and other converged agencies/bureaucracies, not only survived, but as a rough estimate, 64 million in fact showed up to hand the statist-quo it’s arse on 11-9-16.
    In fact also The Tea Party is thriving, it has come back with a bone in it’s teeth, most best of all, The Tea Party will not be denied. Cold Anger does that. It waits, it only becomes stronger, until it is the indomitable Legion of Deplorable’s and Bitter Clinger’s who will not be denied their franchise of Liberty. There simply is no group or movement with the motive power and audacious energy, to be a Legion of 64 Million Insurgents. The Legion is just now beginning to understand it is legion. The “Zeitgeist” is happening, the transformation will complete itself fairly soon, as this legion becomes a determined plurality. That right there is what “they” are pulling the stops out to keep from happening. But it is not working as Twitter is proving. “You Can’t Stop The Message”
    And that is the way this all goes down.


        • I think it’s not so much I did some jawboning for you, I could say the same about you, it’s more like all of us are becoming a vast plurality who are on the same wavelength.
          And that is a truly great thing.
          Of course there’s a fellow who is become a leader of such a plurality, and that is even better.
          Lord do they hate and despise all of us for it.
          Can you smell their fear?


  2. It is not the political advertising that is driving this. This is Twatter’s reaction to
    the fact that the conservative base is OWNING the fake news responses on
    social media. Did anyone else the avalanche of responses to the Washington
    Post story about al-Baghdadi’s death? Austere religious scholar dead at 48
    granered hundreds of responses like Dog loving vegetarian landscape painter
    (Hitler) dies at… They did the same with Atilla The Hun, Fidel Castro, Mao, etc.

    The right has one thing the left is sorely lacking, we are literate and know history
    better than any of the soy-boy reporters in the media. This reaction is like the
    Ubangi royal decree to the school districts across the country that made it
    impossible to expel or arrest students. This led to the mass murder in the
    High School in Florida. His real goal was to give minorities a get out of jail
    card, but he was forced to include whites so as to make it look fair.

    The left exploded after a third-party posted a photographic meme with President
    Trump awarding the CMH on the dog that went after al-Baghdadi. The Tweet
    was so obvious that a child could see that it was not a Trump Tweet. I have been
    saying for years that conservatives were winning the Meme Wars. Look for a
    ban on memes in the near future by social media. Of course, they will apply
    the ban to all memes in an effort to make themselves look fair. The right is
    inadvertently accelerating the left’s attack on free speech by pointing out how
    stupid and illiterate the left’s grassroots, politicians, and their kept whores
    in the media are. I spent weeks organizing a collection of memes in the
    hopes of creating my own Blog. The Alexandria Empty Cortex memes alone
    could make Atlas Shrugged look like a pamphlet!


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