So Tell Me How This Works?

It was cold, dark and windy last night when I got off of work.

I jumped in that POS Bronco, fired it up and set there for a few minutes to let it warm up.

After I saw the temp gauge come up off the bottom, I put it in gear and headed home.

The wind was just howling and it was blowing the leaves off of the trees and clear across the roads sideways. They didn’t even touch the ground until they got to the other side of the road and it was like a big stream of leaves in a few spots.

I was tired and had worked late a bit so my mind was wandering a little bit but something caught my attention and I snapped right to.

I could have sworn I had gotten a whiff of gasoline.

It was quick and I couldn’t tell if it was exhaust gas being blown back around because of the wind but I definitely smelled something.

I kept tooling along, it only takes me twenty minutes to go seven fucking miles because of the traffic lights and shit.

A couple miles down the road and I smelled it again.

Fuck me, now what? The damn thing hasn’t really given me any trouble since the last thrash session on the sonofabitch a couple of months ago so I guess it’s due for… something.

I got home, popped the hood,  pulled out the little pen light I carry everywhere and started peering around to see if I can find anything out of the ordinary.

It didn’t take long either.

Right up in the front I see wetness from the intake manifold on the right side that goes all the way down the front of the engine to the distributor hold down clamp and bolt.

Looking a little closer, the very front fuel injector is all wet.


I put new O rings on all of those bastards when I had the manifold off.

I didn’t see anything else leaking so I shut the hood, came in the house and got to searching for a price on one of the sonsabitches. There ain’t nothing open around here at two in the morning anyway.

Ayep. Anywhere from 60 to way over a hundred at NAPA.

That gives me a price range I guess.

I fiddle farted around and thought why the hell not?

Just for shits and grins, I tried Amazon.

WTF is this?

I can get AN ENTIRE SET of fuel injectors for the same price they want for ONE at NAPA.

Hmm. How the hell does that work? Is there some kind of insane price mark up going on here?

Me thinks so.

Just a minute ago I called the local outfit I get parts from and they want fifty something for one also.

They do have one.

I told this guy about the deal at Amazon and he comes back with something like, but yeah you are taking a chance there if they even work, if you get a bad one then you have to go through the hassle of shipping it back.

My reply to that was, you may be right but I only need one out of the eight.

So now I’m torn.

Order from Amazon, roll the dice that they are good, which I have no reason to think they wouldn’t be, and have to wait a couple days for them to get here or go pay the same price to get one locally and be done with it. Since I only need the one, if I get a whole set then the ones I don’t need are going to get thrown out in that disaster of a garage, not to be seen again until who knows when

Fuckin’ pain in the ass.

The wind is still blowing like a sonofabitch and it’s supposed to get down to freezing around here for the rest of the week. Since this is Typhoon season around here, I need to factor in that it may be cold and windy but it ain’t currently pouring rain.

I think I’m gonna say Fuck it and go get the one.

Be done with it before it starts pouring rain again. Thank God it’s right up front and easy to get to instead of being hidden under that damn intake plenum.

I just want this damn Bronco to work without anymore issues until Winter is over.

That’s why I bought it in the first place.

Before I got finished typing this up,  The Wifely Unit strolled by so I solicited her opinion.

Looks like I will be going and getting just the one.


Jeeze, I shoulda kept my mouth shut.

I made the mistake of talking to her before she had any coffee.


Yeah, it’s done already.

Half an hour start to finish, including the run up to the parts house.

$48 and change, I had to give them the old one to avoid a $10 core charge.

Now I wait to see what else this fucker is going to throw at me.

It’s actually been pretty reliable ever since I tore that intake off and put it back together.

I have however gotten really superstitious.

Even though I got the stereo working I don’t turn it on. I prefer to listen for the strange noises of parts getting ready to fall off.

Fucking thing.

It’s a good thing I only have a fourteen mile round trip.


21 thoughts on “So Tell Me How This Works?

  1. That’s why I don’t buy NAPA. In my opinion, they’re a pro store and if you’re just Joe Citizen, you pay the price. I don’t think we even have a non-chain store around here. Everything comes from Amazon, eBay, RockAuto or some dealer somewhere selling old stuff at a discount.


  2. You talked to your wife before she had any coffee? hell, man, do you like getting lectured? chuckling

    Well, if you can tap into the extra scratch fund, pick up the amazon set next month when she isn’t suspecting anything, having the extra parts could be a plus.


    • As I recall I was kinda on the ragged edge of the budget at the time when I had to do the intake manifold.. If I had known how cheap I could have gotten a set back then, I would have dug a little deeper between the couch cushions and been done with it.


  3. I had a friend tell me about the injectors on Amazon. I got a set for my F-150 and replaced them all just for the hell of it. (Problem wasn’t an injector turns out…) but I was only out $30 for all 8, so not a great big deal… They’ve worked like a champ for 3 years now. Nary a hiccup out of them. Apparently, according to my friend, they get them off the line before they put logo’s on them. that’s the only difference. I don’t know if he’s full of shit or not, but my experience (and his, he’s used them on three trucks) is that they work and last.


  4. Ahhh, memories. I’m north of 50 and spent most of my life driving old junkers. Still miss the routine of cranking then letting it idle for 4 or 5 minutes, just listening for whatever fresh hell is coming my way. Then having my ears perk up at every strange noise, every squeak, every odor, every hesitation or cough or stumble, wondering if I’ll make it back home. I’ve known every rattle of every vehicle I’ve ever owned, better than i know my wife. Of course with her it’s not a matter of getting her to start, the trick is getting her to stop.


  5. I buy a lot of shit off Amazon,even parts for my vehicles. Mainly because isn’t a ton of places here to buy stuff, and my general hatred of people. You have to know exactly what you want, their part “fits your vehicle” is very suspect. I bought a set of 8 injectors for my GMC truck, AC Delco for $60. They work great, other than my stupid ass pinching a couple o-rings installing them.


  6. Just keep an eye on the reviews on Amazon. I got a set of O2 sensors with great ratings for my 04 Silverado and so far, they are doing the trick with no check engine lights. Got all 4 for pretty much the price of one at the parts store. It was a WHORE getting 2 of the originals off though.


  7. I was starting to wonder about the Bronco since I haven’t heard any bitching about it lately.
    Glad it’s running well, but too bad the wife won’t be getting another one since I don’t want to go through your hassles.
    She’ll have to lower herself to driving the 99 K3500 when her F-150’s in the shop.


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  9. Replacing one injector that is leaking is generally a bad idea. If one went bad, it’s likely the others are close to that condition. Fords are notorious for engine fires, due to leaking injectors. I think part of the problem is the insane pressure that they ran, at least the earlier ones with two pumps. If your truck has a pump in the frame under the driver’s seat area, replace them all ASAP. IIRC, that setup runs about 80+ psi. Has a pump in the tank to feed that big pump. Later ones only use an in-tank pump. Remind me what year your Bronco is?
    In the mid-90’s, a full set for my ’86 was ~$300 wholesale.


  10. yes, NAPA has a serious mark up on their parts. they work on the business principal that the company with the biggest mark up is the most profitable. 20 years ago, friend ordered from that mail order outfit a set of crank bearings for his Ford 6 cylinder. cost 12.50. back ordered, did not know when available. went to NAPA bought a set for almost $100. put them in. 3 months later the mail order set arrived. same bearings, same part number, same manufacturer, same box. took that set to NAPA with receipt and got his money back.


      • A company I worked for had side work disassembling Chevy Duramax fuel injectors for Bosch. We’d get huge boxes of them from dealerships all over the east coast after disassembly we’d ship ’em to Charleston SC and they’d reassemble and sell ’em as “re-man”.


  11. I’m a brand sucker for Chevy pickups, mostly cause the part commonality and chevy pickup parts for 70’s thru 90’s are much less expense than the other major makes.
    Anyways, have a few 88-90 4WD Chevys, again parts commonality, keeps shit cheap and simple, same ujoints, waterpumps, alternators, radiators etc. Only thing, those TBI’s are long in the tooth, the throttle shafts egg out the throttle plate body, and gas milage goes to shit. Took one TBI throttle body out oif the 89 3/4 ton, and bored/sleeved the throttle plate shaft bore, it helped a lot. But still things are basically antiques now, even Delco-Remy quality electronics wear out eventually. So instead of going for a total refirb on the fuel intake system, I wondered how it would work converting to a carb and HEI ignition. Goit a 350cfm Holley 2 BBL, a Holley 1-4lb fuel regulator, and a Davis Unified Ignition tuned GM style HEI distributor, along with a non computer controlled Painless Wiring 7004R transmission lock up converter controller.
    Unbolted the OEM aluminum TBI intake manifold, fly cut the carb pad, took a 1 inch slab of aluminum plate, welded it to the carb pad, machined the 2 barrel bores and mounting stud pattern to fit the Holley 2 bbl, had to madify the carb linkages to fit the throttle and tranny kickdown cables, installed the DUI HEI distributor and lock-up controller, hooked up the regulator and lines, fired it up, and holy shit, does that truck run sweet. Crazy responsive throttle, gobs of power, feels like I got an extra 100hp now. And fuel milage is looking close to 20mpg if I had to make a guess, but I can’t keep my foot out of the throttle because it’s fucking awesome running. Have to wait for gas milage till I stop acting like a high-school kid in a new hotrod with a king size woody.
    I’m converting all the trucks.
    My wife’s 85 4 banger Ranger I built for her from cannabalizing 3 donor trucks, I converted that to carb also. Using a GM 4 pin HEI ignition module, and an earlier Ranger two wire distributor, with a high voltage MSD coil. Had to modify the lower factory OEM fuel injection manifold, by fabricating and welding on a carb plenum, using a Weber downdraft carb. Runs pretty sweet, purrs, no rough spots, smooth power. She says it sips fuel now, not a buck or hiccup in it running.


  12. My brother replaced the injectors in his Ford F250 diesel, and it not only improved the fuel mileage, it made the engine quieter. he said it took him twice the time to do the job, than the info he had said. but he’s not really a mechanic. He knows his stuff, but he’s a hydro geologist, so there’s that. But he does maintain and race a couple of vintage motocross bikes in the Senior class. He does pretty well too. “73 Husky 250, and a Monarch 125. Both are in original condition and run well.
    I got to restore my brother’s ( well, sister in law’s Dads) “73 Honda CB 200 with less than 4000 miles on it. I was bored. I then rode it to work for the better part of two years. Fun project. The old rectifier went bad, and they weren’t available anywhere I could find, but found a private guy who made replicas of older ones with new electronics in the Portland area. I don’t remember who that was. It worked. Then I gave it back to him. I bought a KLR 650.


  13. Phil,

    Sorry I’m late to the party, I just re-found your website (I retired in May and didn’t copy any of my bookmarks from my workstation…).

    Anyway, if anybody is readin this, i *HIGHLY* recommend a “local ” (Hayden, Idaho) guy that repairs/refurbs/cleans injectors – I’ve been using him for over 12 years now and have NEVER (that’s never, people…) had to buy a new injector!!

    Here’s the link :

    Now, I’m lucky – I drive over from my home here in Spokane Valley, drop ’em off to Bill and come back when he calls me – 2 to 3 days. If you’re in a rush he can do priority work, but CALL him FIRST.

    I’ve had him do all kinds of injectors for me, from TBI to rail injection systems with nary a problem. I highly recommend him, especially if your engine is getting long in the tooth (100K miles or more). you’d be flat amazed at how much better the vehicle starts and runs with like-new injectors. It’s crazy!

    A note on putting injectors bact in the vehicle: When doing fuel rails, ALWAYS do an injector o-ring set, and lube ’em with regular oil when inserting them into the rail and the heads – it keeps the o-ring from pinching and rolling and getting damaged.

    And never go to NAPA if you can possible help it.



    • Worked with a mechanical engineer back in the 90,s who had been employed by AIRTech. He mentioned a couple times NAPA had changed their quality control acceptance standards when he worked there.
      NAPA lowered their acceptance specifications, say a fuel pump for a 1986 Mustang GT, factory specs require min of 70psi fuel pressure, by lowering their specs they could get defective pumps for a discount, that only produced say 60 psi.
      Don’t sound like much, but it is very critical. Digital fuel mapping breaks the fuel delivery into “zones”, and depends on the advertised duration/dwell time sequence of an injector running on 70psi supplied fuel. Causes all sorts of little problems and some rather large ones too depending on what your doing, like tuning for max power especially at hi rpms. Not enough fuel, put simply.

      I actually was involved in a tuning problem that was driving us bat shit crazy. It’s how the engineer got to telling about NAPA selling
      “blems”, after telling him about the dyno tuning/crap fuel pump experience. We where using Ford GT fuel pumps on Ducati fuel injected race bikes. Took us a few days to figure out we had a defective pump. Got another from the same NAPA, same thing, not 70 psi, 65 psi, took it back and got another, same thing, 66psi. Was not defective per-say, they where sub par products.

      It’s invasive, the corporate bean counters rule. Real Engineers doing real engineering are afterbirth. Getting the last buck overrides all other considerations in this day.
      Now it’s convergence thats targeting the core of our prosperity, can’t have happy people having nice things living nice lives, producing more prosperity and happiness that begets more happiness and prosperity, pretty soon the current order of the industrial might of our great civilization will fall prey to the human extinction movement, even profits will be a white toxic raaacist, and a series of revolutions will ensue. It won’t be taking our guns so much, it is just taking everything that makes us free.
      And unfettered economic activity is the absolute essential element in having liberty.
      A prosperous happy civilization is impossible to destroy and then rule over.
      Why I call them THEM, The Human Extinction Movement. They infest everything, infect everything with their hate and misogony. They wallow in it, bath in their destruction. Wear it as a skin suit, they look like human beings, but inside they are little vessels of hell.


  14. Every now n then, amazon beats all comers. I needed an oil pan for my Tbucket, with dipstick fitting on the driver side of the pan and scored one that had been mis-priced for $29. Damned if they didn’t honor the listed price, too!


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