The Real Reason Trump Didn’t Tell Democrats About Al- Baghdadi Raid Beforehand

Trump wasn’t lying when he said he didn’t tell them because he was afraid of intelligence leaks but he had one traitor in mind especially.

Liddle Adam Schiff.

Trump defends keeping ‘leaker’ Schiff, Pelosi out of the loop on al-Baghdadi raid


President Trump on Monday defended his decision not to give Democratic congressional leaders advance notice of the raid that resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, saying once again that he was concerned the details would leak out.

When Trump first announced al-Baghdadi’s death Sunday morning, he said he decided not to tell officials, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, because he was afraid leaks could compromise the mission. Speaking to reporters Monday morning, he singled out House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., as the focus of those concerns.

“The only thing is they were talking about why didn’t I give the information to Adam Schiff and his committee, and the answer is because I think Adam Schiff is the biggest leaker in Washington,” Trump said. “You know that, I know that, we all know that. I’ve watched Adam Schiff leak. He’s a corrupt politician. He’s a leaker like nobody has ever seen before.”

Schiff should be more worried about going to jail for treason than he should be about trying to impeach Trump.

Report: Adam Schiff may have leaked classified information to discredit FISA memo

Rep. Kinzinger: Adam Schiff’s ‘selective leaking’ has turned impeachment push into a ‘clown show’

 Adam Schiff Slapped With Ethics Complaint Over ‘Leaks’

ADAM SCHIFF: Deep State Agent, Serial Leaker and Traitor to the Republic

The Secret Back Story Behind the Outright Treason of Adam Schiff

Need I go on?

These are just the first few search results from a quick search on Duck Duck Go using the search term, Adam Schiff Leaks.

This complete piece of shit needs to be busy defending himself against charges of Treason.


Schiff is very dirty regarding other matters also. Try an internet search with his name followed by The Standard Hotel.

How this worm is still on the Intelligence Committee is an absolute mystery to me, he actually did this once,


Like I said, he is a dirty piece of Deep State shit and needs to be so busy keeping his own ass out of jail that he doesn’t have time to be throwing sand in anybody else’s gears.

15 thoughts on “The Real Reason Trump Didn’t Tell Democrats About Al- Baghdadi Raid Beforehand

    • I absolutely agree.
      That being said, I have this sneaking suspicion that Trump has an especially nasty surprise in store for that particular Rat Fucker.
      He is dirty Big Time and Q has already let the cat out of the bag long ago that he did some dirty deed and pocketed something like 7 Million. Q specifically asked if he thought it was worth it. That tells me that if Q knows, then Q+ knows and Trump is Q+. There is also the matter of the Standard Hotel .
      I haven’t done a lot of digging on it but it has to do with the suspicious death of some woman that was connected to him.
      Like I said, he is dirty like a MOFO.


    • If they insist on the path they are presently following, give it time sir, give it a bit more time. This present path our so called “elected officials” are on will soon leed to another “We hold these Truths” moment. – Game on!


  1. Actually, Schiffty is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole Dem party needs to be labeled a terrorist organization since it’s loaded with traitors to the honest, hard working people of this country.


  2. This was a tactical maneuver and attack against an enemy. Shiff for brains and Pilosi have no business being involved with tactical decisions, they are not in the chain of command. Obama didn,t involve any reps when he went for Bin Ladin


  3. I also forgot we are also military involved already so no approval from congress (Pelosi et al) is required. We are carry on with a combat situation set up by the previous administration.


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