Now This Is A Headline!

I had to do a double take to make sense of it then I laughed out loud.

You have GOT to go read the story behind it.

It’s as bizarre as the headline suggests…


Click the headline for the story. You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

Angus man who tried to fly drone into Perth Prison claimed Romanian circus stole his chihuahua

3 thoughts on “Now This Is A Headline!

  1. So he used a drone to try and smuggle a cell phone into the prison, which he tried to do three years ago, then claimed he was looking for his dog which had been kidnapped, while his girlfriend’s dog was in the car that he tried to escape in.

    Yeah, he’s stupid.


  2. Shawn,

    Hate to tell you this, I’ve never worked with Turcite, I’ve worked with many other bearing materials out there with similar results.

    The last time I did some of this on some very big slides that went onto Trepanners. The slides ran on box ways. The Nylatron NSB we used 1/4″ Thick and the pieces were like 6-1/4” wide by 24” long, and were screwed down with brass flat head screw. Of course, a grade of Epoxy was used, and I don’t remember the exact type.

    Okay getting back to Turcite. Try to cut the strips about 1/32” to 1/16 wider than the way surface and likewise on the length on the saddle. Be sure to roughen the surfaces of both the Turcite and cast iron to give the glue something to adhere to. Clean with contact cleaner or denatured alcohol. Has to be oil free. I would apply the glue to both surfaces if you can spread thin and evenly. Next place the strips in place and take the roller bearing and seat the strips on to the saddle. Do this gently so you don’t squeeze all of the glue out. Don’t put oil on the ways! Get some wax paper from the kitchen without wifey noticing you doing so. Lay a couple of strips over the ways and flip the saddle on top of the ways. Gently clamp the saddle down using C-Clamps, then go around and apply even pressure to each clamp until firm. Let set for at least 24 hours, me, I would say 48 hours or longer before removing clamps. That would give it enough time to dry thoroughly.

    Scraping that stuff is not too bad, at least with the little bit I’ve encountered many years ago. The main thing I would do on scraping that stuff is to get impressions with contact at all four corners. I would call it good with 70% coverage on markings. That stuff is hard to get good PPI for your bearing points, just do the best you can. Just be careful, scraping on Turcite, it is very easy to get mis lead on reading your impressions.

    I think you will be just fine on this stuff. If you have a left over piece. Glue it a piece of metal so you have something to practice on before scraping on the real thing.



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