All You Gun Grabbing Dumbasses Need To Read This, The Police In This Country Have No Desire To Be Your Cannon Fodder.

A Tip O’ The Hat to Good Ol’ Wirecutter for the link.

This is very telling and if these asshat Lefties who keep fantasizing about having Police departments do the dirty work for the Unconstitutional Gun Grabbing schemes they keep floating don’t get a clue from this response then they deserve what they get if they try.

Police Groups Slam Beto’s Plan to Send Cops to Collect Americans’ Guns

Police say confiscation plan is ‘ridiculous,’ unconstitutional, call O’Rourke a hypocrite


National law enforcement organizations harshly criticized Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s plan to send police officers to collect AR-15s and AK-47s from those who refuse to turn them in under his mandatory buyback scheme.

In interviews with the Washington Free Beacon, leaders from groups representing hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers described Beto’s gun confiscation plan as “ridiculous,” “asinine,” and likely unconstitutional.

Their comments come after Beto told MSNBC on Wednesday that he would send “law enforcement to recover” firearms from those who would not comply with his buy-back plan. O’Rourke vividly described the plan at September’s Democratic primary debate, declaring that “hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”


A leader of the National Fraternal Order of Police—the nation’s largest police union, representing more than 330,000 sworn law-enforcement officers—said that not only was Beto’s plan unlikely to be constitutional but that Beto himself was unlikely to ever be elected.

“Mr. O’Rourke may not be aware that state and local police officers (who comprise more than 90% of all police in the U.S.) receive their orders from their local jurisdictions – not from the Federal government,” Jim Pasco, executive director of the FOP, wrote in an email to the Free Beacon. “Further, any such legislation, if it passed, would no doubt be vigorously litigated with a view to its apparent inconsistency with the Second Amendment.”

“In view of the foregoing, and in view of Mr. O’Rourke’s current standing in the polls, we do not view this as an issue we will have to grapple within the foreseeable future,” he added.

AJ Louderback, the sheriff of Jackson County, Tex., said he and many other sheriffs would not follow orders to confiscate guns en masse.

“I think he’s seriously misjudging the law enforcement response to what he wants to do,” Louderback told the Free Beacon. “Many sheriffs would not comply with his plan.”

Louderback sits on the immigration and government affairs committees of the National Sheriffs’ Association, which represents over 3,000 sheriffs across the country. He described O’Rourke’s plan as unworkable and counterproductive.

“This guy’s plan is ridiculous,” he said. “Everyone is looking for solutions to violent crime but this isn’t one of them. I’m not going to harass my citizens for owning guns.”

The National Association of Police Organizations, which represents over 1,000 police organizations with more than 240,000 sworn officers, said O’Rourke’s plan would violate officers’ constitutional oath.

Oh there is more, they pretty much think Beto is a mealy mouthed POS judging by their responses.

Just like the rest of us.

What is notable here is that all of these Law Enforcement organizations are flat out telling everyone that any national gun grab scheme is Dead On Arrival as far as they are concerned.

Maybe these Lefties ought to pay attention to that.

11 thoughts on “All You Gun Grabbing Dumbasses Need To Read This, The Police In This Country Have No Desire To Be Your Cannon Fodder.

  1. I have never seen a Democrat who could think beyond a single dimension.
    When your starting point is to deny the dynamic model of economics, you have
    rendered yourself incapable of seeing even the most obvious consequences of
    your actions. If this merry band of morons is too stupid to see that raising
    taxes=less revenue, how do you think American gun owners will react to seeing
    Ubangi’s Brownshirts knocking on their door in an attempt to seize their firearms?

    Cannon fodder may be too weak a term in the face of the largest army on the
    planet! If this is the face of the modern Democrat party, America has nothing to
    fear from likes of this idiot or for that matter, the entire party.

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  2. I hope you are right, however I think most LEO’s will suit up and do what they are told. Confiscation of guns will happen if the local gov’t says go get them. They swear to uphold the law but look how many follow policy and release illegal aliens without notification. Watch Antifa break laws right in front of them because they were told to.


    • I have to disagree with your assessment of the situation. The mayors,
      governors, police chiefs, and sheriffs most hated by LEO’s are in the
      blue cities, counties, and states. Obeying stand-down orders in
      Seattle and Portland are a far cry from a willingness to follow orders
      in a SHTF situation.

      These jurisdictions are infested with liberal politicians. Even if
      a sheriff or police chief is not with the program, they will be thrown
      under the bus along with any officer who uses deadly force on an
      armed criminal in a justified shooting if the bad guy was a member
      of a politically protected minority class.

      Sure, some sheriffs and police chiefs are as corrupt as their political
      masters. See Parkland Florida where Ubani’s catch and release
      edict was embraced by the liberal sheriff, Scott Israel. How about
      Michael Brown in Furgeson MO, or Trayvon Martin case in Sanford
      Florida? The boys in blue did not join the force to take advantage
      of open season on minorities.

      In New York, the NYPD officers routinely turn their backs on
      Comrade Mayor DeBlasio every time he is in their presence.
      No cop wants to be reprimanded or fired for doing his job,
      or worse go to prison as a result of a political witchhunt.

      In my 63 years, I have seen exactly two cases of a cop
      killing a minority in cold-blood. We never hear about them
      because the system worked. They were swiftly prosecuted
      and received prison sentences. When the time comes, they
      will be on the side of the oath they swore to the Constitution
      of the United States.


  3. Bob’ wrote:
    The guy is a thief, and a convicted felon, why pay any attention to what he says.Two words: United Nations.
    IF LEO’s, Nat Guard, etc. won’t fire on US citizens to seize their guns, then Beto and his buddies will get foreign, NON-US citizens to do it.
    But, with their bright, blue helmets, at least the UN ‘Peacekeepers’ will be easy targets …

    Two words: United Nations.
    IF LEO’s, Nat Guard, etc. won’t fire on US citizens to seize their guns, then Beto and his buddies will get foreign, NON-US citizens to do it.
    But, with their bright, blue helmets, at least the UN ‘Peacekeepers’ will be easy targets …


  4. Anyone ever notice something about these extreme hoplophobes? It strikes me part of this is social engineering 101. Part is to create reaction. Part is to create a commonly held narrative among people of the gun, where predictably a broadly shared insight or stance among people of the gun becomes public knowledge, thus providing fertile ground from which a slew of liberty/natural rights hating false narratives grow.
    It almost seems like the actual intent of the declared extreme disarmament, like Beatoff’s, is purely Kabuki theater, or at least practical Kabuki, ie, not expected to happen.

    Divide people and it’s easier to conquer them, or at least that is the intent, except, even though Divide & Conquer is an ages old revered tyrants strategy, what self respecting banana republic or tin pot dicktater, or oligarchy bent on running their totalitarian state would be caught dead not employing it.
    Thing is, in all of history no tyrant has faced the prospect of 10’s, more likely nearer hundreds of millions of armed to the teeth dirt and pitchfork people. Never mind these armed regular folks are born into liberty, which in all of 5000 years of recorded history has actually existed only for 240 years.
    Nobody, and history provides plenty of proof, has ever before gone up against 10’s of millions of armed prepared pissed off peasants. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, knows this future these hoplophobes are attempting to control with their on high diktat. That includes the armed pitchfork people, nobody knows how this ends up.
    But if these commie scumbags and their fucktard hate for us flyover Clinger’s and our cousin Deplorable’s think we are going to lay down our weapons and die they are truly insane, but as we have come to know our avowed existential enemies in that they always double down and keep right on fucking that chicken, that all may be the only things in a general fashion that are predictable.

    I keep thinking, you can’t fuck with armed people who simply wish to be left the fuck alone like these scumbags do, and not end up marrying the terrible bride of highly lethal unintended consequences.
    And there is a glimmer of truth to that. You see and hear it now all over, the pitchfork people are going from not wanting such terrible things as class/race war, white genocide, the dissolution of our civilization that armed violent subversion and destruction of our way of life is promised to us practically hourly now, to come on motherfuckers, you want them come get them. To thoughts discreetly expressed of it’s time, time to exterminate these assholes once and for all.
    After all, when your an armed man, prepared and self aware, it isn’t rocket science this human extinction movement just don’t work for you and your quite nice civilization. And that anybody stupid enough to think destroying it, and you and yours, is a moral or form of “social justice” is not long for this mortal plane of right thinking men…

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    • Beware the fury of a patient man. Especially when he has a fully functional semi automatic large caliber weapon, thousands of rounds of ammunition and a lot of similarly pissed off friends with the same capabilities..


  5. When told to GO GET THE GUNS OR ELSE 99% of the badgemonkeys will think about their house payments, their retirement plan be their dental benefits……and then say OK! Let’s go.


    • And when they do, they’ll come back to a smoking hole where their house used to be.

      That’s why occupying armies can be assholes; their homes and families are out of reach of the occupied countries.


  6. Horseshit. There are more than enough proud sensitive violent flunkies hiding behind tin stars who WILL gleefully play their part in civilian disarmament. It’s unfortunate but true and frankly, come to my house and YOUR families homes become immediate legitimate military targets. Good for the goose, good for the tyrannical pig enforcers.

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