What The Actual Fuck?

This is just weird. Who would even WANT to do all this just to hide a damn coin and just wait until all that shit starts to rot!



8 thoughts on “What The Actual Fuck?

  1. Some one with FAAAAAAR to much time on their weird assed hands. That shit is purely demented bro! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot did I just watch?


  2. Doesn’t this YouTuber (pun intened) know there are products on Amazon – fake Shaving Cream Cans and the like – designed to hide money and other valuables?


    • PS. Wifey ‘green-thumb ‘unit said moisture in those veggies (if they’re real) will sprout the Sunflower seeds, and they’ll grow outta the chair. Either a joke, or a new-age planter (“Johnny Sunflower-Seed”).

      Still no idea about the coin. Minerals, maybe?


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