Oh Canada!

What in the fuck have you done?

Have you lost your fucking minds?

Canada’s Trudeau Wins a Second Term But Loses His Majority

TORONTO (AP) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won a second term in Canada’s national elections Monday, losing the majority but delivering unexpectedly strong results despite having been weakened by a series of scandals that tarnished his image as a liberal icon.

Trudeau’s Liberal party took the most seats in Parliament, giving it the best chance to form a government. However, falling short of a majority meant the Liberals would have to rely on an opposition party to pass legislation.

Leafs, I am so disappoint in you.


14 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. We were screwed anyway. The other candidates were a filthy communist pakie… or a gutless cuckservative who would roll over for the left and sell out to the globalists. Fuck them all.

    Alberta and Saskatchewan need to separate.


    • Here in Alberta, since this morning, the ‘Wexit’ movement has grown by about 100 thousand people.
      We, including myself, are fucking DONE with the East. Alberta sends over $20 billion (BILLION! FUCK!!!) a year in transfer payments to Ottawa. What do we get in return? Some pompous selfie-shithead with questionable lineage behaving like a drama teacher (wait, he is one), playing dress-up and pretending to save the world at the expense of everyone except for those in his own riding.
      He openly tells the West we are bad and should not have jobs, but…… he needs all our money first. Alberta has been supporting the Welfare East for years, it’s time to simply leave.
      Hey Trump! Would you like a shitload of good farm land, some really nice mountains, OIL AND NATURAL GAS, and a bunch of hard working Conservative rednecks? Ottawa doesn’t want us, and we have plenty of very qualified people to build pipelines.


  2. Got to point out vote rigging and other methods of vote fraud to assure the proper approved “elected officials” are installed in the West is SOP for the ruling class.
    George Soros is still running his foul States Attorney Generals Project, the gateway system of totally corrupting republican form of our government and throwing elections for the globohomo cabal. One election at a time: “Undermine. Subvert. Destroy: from the top down-inside out.”

    This can not be discounted no matter how conspiracy theory much it strikes you… It may be highly distasteful to accept we have all been played for total fucking suckers for a very long time, but the truth, there it is before our eyes, hard to see for the forrest as the tree’s of our good natured honest proclivities of civil honorable good government are difficult to get past.
    Ain’t this fighting cause, it sure is to me, time to lay down ones gauntlet of liberty and self determination and say BFYTW!

    The color revolution of 11-2016 is all the proof required of the truth the fix has been in for longer than any of us has lived. The coup against Donald Trump can be for no other 1st imperative but to nullify our deplorable defiance & resistance of rigging elections. Our Will As The Governed is the most legitimate thing possible, it is upstream of all politiks.
    This simply can not be permitted of us. By any means possible our will will be crushed.

    I mean WTF, how obvious does it have to be Castro’s gamma crotch dropping was re-installed via total vote fraud.

    It is also pretty stark raving obvious, us Deplorable’s where going to be squeezed in a commie sandwich after 2016 between Castro’s bastard son in blackface and his Brussel’s one world order cabinet, and el presidente’ AMLO south of the border with his Cartel proxies, the meat being that blood thirsty Clinton PMS tyrant in the middle. A shit sandwich called white genocide where once and for all, finally, after 235 years of applied ideology of agenda 21 the Fabian’s long march would be realized and America would only exist on inscriptions of Liberty on statues or memorials which escaped dystopian censorship.

    It can’t get anymore plain in your face, these reprehensible psychopaths repeatedly are “elected” regardless of the obvious universal disgust and derision for them.
    Got to ask yourself, without the fake media and it’s false narrative 24/7 propaganda and lies, these scumbags would not make it past precinct level. And that is the key to vote rigging, precinct’s are converged. Go ahead, try to get involved, bet you won’t even find a contact number or email for who is running your voting precinct. If you do whatever contact info you do find that information hasn’t been updated for 10 or more years.

    But, they are acting in self preservation mode. All over the world the pitchfork people are rising up, resisting, sick and tired of their singular world order ruling class bull shit. Aren’t you? This is just the start of the beginning.

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  3. Glen is correct. The conservative candidate was a plant, we was put in to the leadership race by the quebec dairy farmers. Turdeau is the single most corrupt politician in Canadian history – Money from foreign powers, trips to private islands, SNC scandal, black face, groping women and the only PM in our history to have 2 ethics violations. Yet the left voted for him, even worse since he has a minority government he’ll have to pander to the radical left Green and NDP to hold onto power. If you thought that he was anti oil and anti west before you’ve not seen anything till now.

    Alberta’s only option is separation and reform of the education system. If we allow the radical commies to indoctrinate children even separating will not be enough to save us.


  4. Oh, by the way, if you look at the actual electoral results, Trudeau got in by securing Montreal and Toronto. The West is Conservative Blue. Fuck the East. Seperate the West and see how the East makes out without all the tax money from the West to pay the bills. They can stop being a welfare province and take care of their own shit – they want to kill farming, logging, mining and oil…… fuck ’em. If they don’t like it, come on out and see how well they do – we here in the West kept our guns. ________________________________


  5. Trust me, you aren’t as disappointed as I am. I’m thinking of moving to Alberta to get away from all these morons in Ontario who don’t understand economics or freedom.


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  7. Yeah, well, just wait and see what happens with our up and coming 2020 election.
    The anti-western civilization assholes haven’t been openly vote rigging and importing the world for nothing.


  8. It’s complicated, but he was the best of the bad choices. Better the devil you know sometimes. Just wait until Quebec gets all fired up again. The country could easily divide into two, three or even four parts.


  9. Canada used to have a large, coast-to-coast network of AM-broadcast-band radio stations, some as far north as anyone can travel. These outlets kept people informed – especially in remote areas of Canada – and, were easily-heard in the United States. But, the government switched all of them to FM, citing cheaper antenna costs, and easy-remote control.

    Canada also used to have a Worldwide presence on Shortwave radio for a LONG time (RCI – Radio Canada International). Big, impressive CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) building in Montreal. But, the Canadian government shut-down all that, too, also citing cost and the internet.

    CBC-AM and RCI had very unique programming. They were a great way to learn about Canada, and were an excellent source of alternative information. Also, it’s a LOT harder to block those signals than just hitting the Internet ‘kill-switch’.

    But, now, the silence of bands is deafening. “Oh, Canada!”? Oh, brother!


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