So How’s That Diversity Bullshit Workin’ Out For Ya Now?

This is what winning looks like people.


Verizon Is Exploring Sale of HuffPost (Report)

Verizon is exploring the possibility of selling off the Huffington Post, the Financial Times reported Friday.

According to the FT, two individuals familiar with the situation say Verizon has raised the possibility with several potential buyers. However, a formal sale process has not been initiated, and all discussions are at very early stages, the FT said.

Representatives for Verizon did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TheWrap, but a spokesperson told FT, “We don’t comment on rumours and speculation.”

Now if we could just see the same thing happen over at The Daily Kos….


Sourced from here.

19 thoughts on “So How’s That Diversity Bullshit Workin’ Out For Ya Now?

  1. What da fuck is a (literal PhD in Romantic Comedies?) You either have a PHD in something or you don’t. What a freakin’ maroon. I hope the only job she can get is at McD’s at the drive up window. I know Mc D’s have a University, she can get a PhD in burger flipping. A PhD is pile higher and deeper in our new 3 tier Quarterpounder, an Infarct waiting to happen. Times start getting slim and sporty a lot of these retard snowflakes with make-work jobs are gonna have to compete with people that know how to work. I hope she remains smug and selfish as she slowly starves to death.


    • “literal PhD in Romantic Comedies = sits in her apartment w/her cats, sipping wine and crying over Rom-Coms” Perma-cat-slag gets what she deserves, film at 11:00!


  2. Not surprised.

    My experience with diversity. I was working for a communications company. It was owned by 3 white males. 98% of the employees were prior military. We had 2 directors of Hispanic origin and a middle manager who was black. Of the 15 lower level manager 5 were not white but all were male. The only two middle managers that were female was in HR and logistics. The technicians were about half white and everything else possible making up the other half.

    We got sold to Rockwell Collins which was about as white bread in management as you could get. They had a diversity push to get more minorities into leadership roles. I was a senior field engineer being groomed for a lower level management position prior to the sell to RC – that never happened. During the next 4 years only minorities were promoted into leadership roles. The new managers did not have the ability to do their jobs and the ones promoted to middle management and director positions were not qualified to do their jobs. Our division was no longer making gangbuster profits. RC decided to spin our division off (I medically retired a month before RC sold us off). With less than capable leadership they were in a death spiral.


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  4. I’m sporting a Schadenboner. That would be a level 11 case of Schadenfreude.
    Has anyone else noticed that a lot of these leftist twatwaffles are losing their
    jobs in the age of Trump? Liberal newsrooms and networks are shedding
    jobs left and right. They are flushing a lot of mediocre talent and in some
    cases, major news anchors.

    When the Communist News Network and PMSNBC were sacking people like
    Ed Schultz and Keith Olberdouche for being unhinged loons, there does seem
    to be a line that if crossed, results in your being fired.


  5. 2019 IOTBW poster campaign. Great idea. Nothing finer than unhinging the human extinction movement with “Its Ok To Be White” alt-agitprop


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