Currently Posting From A Remote Location

Heh, the Wifely Unit is a little on the peeved side this afternoon.

The only reason I can think of,  must have something to do with me ordering $150.00 worth of collets, a flange mounted holder and the wrenches in the middle of the night after I got home from work last night.





By now you are all well aware that I like to live dangerously.

As Paul Harvey used to say, now for the rest of the story.

When she got me the little mini lathe for Christmas a couple of years ago, I told her to start saving her money because I wanted a mini mill to go with it.

That hasn’t materialized and I can certainly understand why, they are freaking expensive. I keep scouring Craigslist etc. in the hopes of running across one  at a price I can afford just because anyway.

One never knows…

BTW, that mini lathe was $525 at the time and it was a large chunk of money for us even then, now they want just shy of $700 for them at Harbor Freight and you are basically buying a kit and rolling the dice, hoping you didn’t get one that was made first thing on a Monday morning after a long drunken Chinese holiday.

I haven’t really used the thing much because I have gotten frustrated with the damn thing, trying to upgrade shit only to find that the upgrades have been upgraded, not having much room to do hardly anything without having to move a bunch of heavy shit and it is a pretty small little unit to begin with being only a 7X10.

However, after watching countless hours of Youtubes on a variety of Home Machining topics, these collets seem to be a recurring tool that can be used in a mill , in a lathe or even a drill press with the right holder and they get rid of the issue of dialing a four way chuck in on the lathe for the most part.

For certain items anyway.

So I have been wanting a set for a long damn time, approximately 24 hours after I got the lathe,  started watching the Youtubes and discovering these little wonders of the machining world.

So I bought some finally.

I was even able to justify spending that much money, in my twisted little way.

Follow along here.

I have been  desperately needing some different shoes for work for a while now.

My leather Red Wing boots have gotten completely oil soaked over the last year and that oil makes them get heavy. When you are schlepping around on concrete and steel screen floors for ten hours a day, that starts kicking your ass. It started fucking up my lower back.

I finally couldn’t take it and went and bought some steel toed shoes that are more of a walking shoe style rather than leather freakin’ boots again.

They are surprisingly hard to find locally and they ain’t cheap.

WAYYYYY much better though.

I paid ……. $150 for a pair.

That number sound familiar?

My place of employment reimbursed me for them.

I snagged that money because it had already been spent and so wasn’t in the budget so to speak and purchased the collet chuck and the collet set.

Before the Wifely Unit could get her hands on it.

In the mean time, if anyone needs me I will be bunkered in out in the garage, until further notice apparently.

Or at least until the heavy artillery barrages stop.

I’m just kidding, she took it pretty well actually.

I ain’t completely stupid though, best to err on the side of caution, just in case.

10 thoughts on “Currently Posting From A Remote Location

  1. A man has to have collets, a flange mounted holder and the wrenches, surely she can see that?
    Are those shoes ANSI Part 75 rated? I got to the point I wear shoes now instead of boots as my ankles just does not like to be corralled. Don’t ask me why, I have no freaking idea why my ankles turned wussy.


  2. Nobody selling mini-mills on Craigslist in your area or on Flea-bay? Weird.

    Well, checking TX cities on Craigslist, what the hell is going on. Nobody selling small mills? I see one in New Waverly for a thousand, but geez.

    Makes you wonder if everyone is machining up for the coming apocalypse or something. Maybe there’s warehouses of cheap mills working on 80% lowers or something….

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do find them once in a while but when I see what they want for them I just hit the little red X and move on. I can literally almost buy new for what they want for used ones.
      I actually saw one Jackass wanting more for his non upgraded used one than I could buy a new one from Grizzly for.
      I saw another one that was at least twenty five years old, had rust all over the bed and the main support and the guy wanted eight hundred dollars for it!
      At least twice what it must have cost new.
      Like I said though, I keep looking. Someday something will fall in my lap. The Good Lord seems to make it work that way.
      Just when ya least expect it.


    • That’s the problem of shopping On Line, you can’t see exactly what you are paying for.
      I shopped pretty hard and even went to some off the wall Chinesium places. I’ll be damned if I didn’t wind up getting them from Amazon as their preferred recommendation on the very first page. Now I wait to see exactly how good they are. I have seen too many negative reviews from Banggood to even think about them for the collets but they did have the best price on the flanged chuck and it has stellar reviews.


  3. Hmmmm – wifey unit peeved cause you spent 150 bucks on something that can be used to make stuff and save money in the long run. But has zero trouble spending 150 or more on another pair of shoes, she already has 27, one for every 3 outfits she bought and doesn’t need, cause she saved 50 bucks on something she didn’t need in the first place……….. Riiiiiiiigggghhhhhtttttt, makes perfect sense 2 me…. I’ll stay single me thinks, they are spensive and then U marry em and they are even more spensive….. Unlike tools, once U buy em they are yours, and u can use em or ignore em, and they don’t give a shit if you use other tools instead…..


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