This Explains My Burning Desire To Get Back In The Boonies


I ain’t joking.

Not only have I had a burning desire to get a hundred miles away from civilization for a few days since I can’t remember when, I would love to move back out in the puckerbrush far enough that I couldn’t see or hear a fucking neighbor.

The first one I may yet get to, the other I am definitely fucked on.


Back to reality, the temporary escape for a moment was nice but it’s off to the salt mines again.

At least it’s my Friday.

8 thoughts on “This Explains My Burning Desire To Get Back In The Boonies

  1. Better mining salt than lead.
    At least someone once muttered something about “the salt of the earth” but to my knowledge there’s nothing positive ever have been said about lead (except flying lead that is)…


  2. And ya wonder why I moved to a PO-dunk little town in South Dakota and at first snow melt in February will be in a small PO-dunk town in Idaho… Iffn’ I could move to Bum-Fuck someplace in the boonies of Idaho and afford it way out in the country I would.


  3. When My late wife and I bought our fist home, the thing I told the realtor that I wanted was to walk out the door and pee in the bushes and no one would see and, if they saw it would be because they were doing the same thing.


  4. Before you go off-grid Phil, might want to read this. You were dead nuts right about Misfud:

    John Durham Now Has Two Blackberries Used by Russian (???) Agent Joseph Misfud

    Now what do you suppose is on those? Possibly Clinton bathroom server data? Clinton child sex slave trafficking, Pzzagate related things, and money laundering evidence? Epstein’s pedo-express child sex slave related info?
    Any good intelligence operative worth their salt has get out of jail free and in case of my Clinton assisted suicide insurance hidden someplace, right? Two of them? Mmmm. And those Blackberries, ain’t the only place those digital dinosaurs are still used is with Federal employee’s? And aren’t they linked in ways, all part of the general .gov server/archive system?

    By the way, Epstein is still dead, and after all, he was murdered to protect pedophiles in high places.
    I still maintain Pizzagate is what destroys the scumbags. Everything is connected.

    … thing of course, if any criminal or treasonous in the way of arrests and trials of the coup actors comes of it very much remains to be seen.
    One can hope.

    Read somebody from the Justice Department visited Fox News news caster Shep Smith’s boss the day he suddenly quit. Now what could that be about?
    And swamp thing Shit for brains, running the fake impeachment, guess who he’s married to?
    George Soros’s daughter. And where is Soros from? Ukraine.
    Soros main gig is undermining entire nation states. It is his whole purpose. There is a trail of broke countries in chaos, economically, and culturally because of that motherfucker. Ukraine is one of his crowning achievements, it has been corrupto-crat-globo-homo central since obama and hillary regime helped with the coup to take out the legitimate elected president and government. Exactly as they did in Honduras at the same period. And Libya, they all are complicit in creation of that arms and human trafficking pipeline hellhole country. Extreme musloid caliphates employ infidel human slavery and child sex slaves in the extreme.
    Both Ukraine and Honduras are known child trafficking/human slavery international cross border conduit points because of their very rural character and inherent politikal corrupt societies. In these made to order banana republics who is going to complain about kidnapped children, to who can they complain.
    Everything is connected.
    I been watching extra careful at a lot of shit coming out like you said to watch for Phil. Looks like Misfud is a key actor in this total corrupt bullshit of the politikal elites, just what you pointed out.

    Connections everywhere. It is all a relatively small group of scum of the earth actors, Bill Gates, The Branson’s, Epstein, DisneyLand Florida and the Devil Mouse, British Royal’s, see eye aye, black robed Nazgal’s as ring wraiths sitting on key benches, certain vile swamp creatures, satanic ritual, child organ-legging through Planned Parenthood front, Clinton/Branson rural Caribbean island NGO child orientated activity, a literal chain of linked islands from which children are swept up into the trafficking conduit never to be seen again. Alive.

    The big bitcoin darkweb pedophile video/picture bust, claimed there are 25,000 children not in the pedo hunters child tracking archives, 25,000 kids, out of 45,000, never seen before in pedo media. Holy Fucking Shit.
    One fucker was bagged with 250,000 pieces of pedo-child sex slave victims media on his computer.
    Maybe one of these pieces of shit will be high enough turns states evidence, he rats out higher placed scumbags, and sets the dominos falling?
    Be a beautiful sight to see. I think it would cause their entire globo-homo one world order network to fold.


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