The Democrats Convene Another Impeachment Inquiry


And Post Turtle is saying the Senate could be having a trial in the Senate by Thanksgiving.

Since none of these idiots seem to see fit to take care of the actual business of this country, like, you know, passing a fucking budget or something productive, I think it’s time to retire every single one of the motherfuckers.

A bunch of self serving shit flingers is all they are at this point.


2 thoughts on “The Democrats Convene Another Impeachment Inquiry

  1. It’s been time to retire all of these shit flingers for long while now. This Senate trial is going to be a farce and getting 66 of these asswipes to agree on anything is a major stretch IMHO.


  2. Both Adam Schitt and Granny McBotox have admitted that there may not be a
    formal impeachment vote. An IG report is about to drop and someone reported
    that it will include the fact that the IG is in possession of Joseph Misfud’s Blackberry.
    What was the name of the company that secured a contract to supply the US
    government with cellphones? That would be Research In Motion (RIM,) in other
    words, the maker of Blackberry phones. If Misfud’s phone is a used or surplus
    government phone, that would be big fucking news!

    Misfud was a major source of the Russian collusion hoax, something President Trump
    asked the president of Ukraine to investigate. What do you get when you hatch a
    conspiracy that involves too many people? Caught! While Ubangi managed to salt
    the DOJ, FBI, State Department, and the intelligence agencies with Fellow Travelers,
    they were mostly in middle management and political appointees (Clapper, Comey,
    and others,) not trained intelligence operatives.

    If NSA metadata cannot connect Misfud’s Blackberry to Democrat politicians, the
    contacts list phone numbers and call history will. The Donks failed to learn the
    lesson of Watergate, it was not the crime that doomed Nixon, it was the coverup.
    A reasonable person would STFU, not dig himself into a deeper hole but we are
    dealing with political zealots who cannot think two moves ahead in a game of
    checkers. When the shit its the fan, it will be an extinction-level event for the
    Democrat party. The shit will hit the fan before the 2020 election cycle because
    President Trump is thinking 10 moves ahead while these dumb fucks are still
    trying to master Tiddlywinks!

    PS Nemo, I read somewhere that the Donks have already conducted 2 or 3
    test votes on impeachment. With a 37 seat edge, if they cannot muster a
    majority, they are screwed because too many House Democrats are afraid
    to lose their seats!


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