Uhmm, Now What, Einstein?

now what

A fine example of another use for Duct tape.

Wrap it around the fingers of stupid  fuckers like this generously so that they can’t hold on to tools.

12 thoughts on “Uhmm, Now What, Einstein?

  1. My take is that there was alcohol involved and total lack of mechanical ability,,

    Could not take off the lug nuts, got pissed off and cut the offending struts. Now sober he is probably going WTF was I thinking.,

    In any event, expensive exercise, those rims don’t look cheap and the tire shop is going to laugh the guy out the door when he asks to demount the old one and put it on a new rim (assuming he can get what is left off without damaging the hub/axle since there is nothing to hold the shaft from turning now);


  2. Picked up a 90 Chevy K1500 for parts, it had orginal factory Aluminum wheels on it. Somebody had torqued the lug nuts down so hard had to poof the nuts off real careful like with a cutting torch. Even an 8ft pipe on a 3/4 drive breaker bar for leverage would’nt budge those fuckers off. I stripped the hex heads smooth with a Snap-On impact socket, they got those reliefs in the socket broach to grab the corner of the hex, sheared one nut clean and round as a piece of bar stock.
    After that, I always use that bronze/copper Locktite never-seize on all our lug nuts and stud threads. It really helps on the 3/4 ton super duty with those special hi tensile super fine threads and locking nuts.
    Got to so I use it everything. It really pays off later. No more seized thermostat housing bolts, shocks come off with a hand wrench, even exhaust parts come apart like they was set last week. But for aluminum wheels that shit is the bee’s knee’s. Got a quart bottle of it. It’s pricey but it pays back big time with no aggravation later.

    I’m not saying this dude in the pic is doing the Bubba or not, but If I didn’t have a oxy-atcetelyne torch I’d cut the spokes like this guy did to get access at the hub to carefully cut the rest of the wheel away from around the wheel studs.

    My wife was out to Missouri this summer, at a Jiffy Lube she was getting a lube job, she had them balance the rear tires. When she got home she asked me to check the tourque on the lugs, because she knows I’m a stickler for using a torque wrench when changing tires. It is am 08 Jeep Liberty her sister gave her. Aluminum forged wheels. Those knuckle heads there must have used a 1000 lb tq 1 inch drive air hammer to set those rear lugs down. A 6 foot pipe was required to break those nuts loose, and right up to the moment they broke loose I was sure a stud was going to snap clean off. I’m 275 lbs, I had both feet off the ground, one knee on the pipes very end with my shoulder up against the body to keep balance, gently bouncing to get them to come loose. I even had the old lady stand on the brakes with the park brakes set hard as possible, because there was too much spring-back from the auto tranny parking pawl, it felt like it was going to break off the lug inside the case it stops against. The wife was hanging out the door watching and she said she her feet on the pedal where going up and down from the feed back thru the brake pedal from reefing on that pipe.

    All I could think was my old lady, driving back to WV, getting a flat in the middle of east bumfuck nowhere’s at 3am on the side of the road and no cell signal.
    Man, was I ever fucking blood spitin’ pissed off for a minute or two what those Jiffy Lube douchebags who cranked those nuts down, like lay that pipe upside somebody’s head.

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    • Mr Carson, that was her first mistake, never, ever take your car to one of those jiffy-screws or ones like it, they hire retards that can’t cut it at the fish processing plant. Myself I find the oldest damn crank that does oil changes and minor repairs to do my oil changes. He at least knows what he is doing and doesn’t try to spin weld any nut or bolt or plug on your ride.


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