Reminds Me Of Work


I don’t know what the deal is but we have this Microwave From Hell in the lunch room.

I ain’t kidding ya, you can put a frozen burrito in that sonofabitch for two minutes and can’t use your bare hands to take it out and then have to wait ten more minutes before you can even think about trying to eat the damn thing.

I have seen it melt Tupperware for guys who aren’t paying attention to it.

Whatever the directions say on the package, you can cut in half and it will still be too hot to eat.

That thing doesn’t screw around.

I call it the Fukushima Special.

2 thoughts on “Reminds Me Of Work

  1. I picked one up for my shop at a restaurant auction that is 2200 watt, that sucker will cook a big baking tater in about 4 min. Warming up a cup of coffee you better be careful, it will make it so hot with no boiling that when you put sugar in it the coffee just explodes out of the cup. Something about being super heated or some shit.


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